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Modern Shooter TV Full Episode: Colt Competition

Colt Pro Shooters Maggie Reese and Mark Redl engage in some friendly handgun shooting competition, proving there's a lot to gain from introducing a lighthearted and fun aspect to your handgun training.
Jeff Cooper-19

Jeff Cooper — The Founding Father of Firearms Martial Arts

If you don’t know Col. Cooper, then you don’t know handguns.

The STAR Rifle: A New Star Among Tactical Bolt Guns

The STAR rifle takes customization to a whole new level, offering a platform that adjusts to fit any shooter.
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Modern Shooter TV: Inside the Shoot House

Get an operator's eye view of this intense and useful tactical training tool used by our military and law enforcement.

Long-Range Game-Changer: Hornady ELD-X Long Range Bullets

The result of extensive testing with ultra-modern Doppler radar, the new Hornady ELD-X bullet takes long-range shooting to the next level.

Defensive Firearms Training: Episodic vs. Immersion

When it comes to concealed carry, firearms training is a must. But just exactly what sort of training regime yields the best results?

Modern Shooter TV Episode: On Target with Colt Competitive Shooters

See what it takes to dominate the upper echelons of competitive shooting on the next episode of Modern Shooter with a couple of the sport's brightest stars.

Modern Shooter TV Episode: Cape Buffalo

Tune in as Modern Shooter faces off with one of the most fearsome creatures from the Dark Continent — the Cape Buffalo.

What Three Dozen Elk Cartridges Taught Me

From the .30-30 to the .375, myths abound. Here Wayne van Zwoll shares some observations and experiences about what makes the best elk cartridges.

Is High-Velocity Ammunition Worth It for Handguns?

Is high-velocity ammunition, or +P, a good choice for most handgunners?

Brief Discussion on the Extreme Range of .22 Ammunition

The .22 rimfire reigns supreme when it comes to American shooters. But just exactly what are these nifty little rounds capable of at the extreme end of their range? You'd be surprised.

12 Steps to Long-Range Accuracy

Hit targets at 500, 800 and 1,000-plus yards like they’re a chip shot with these must-know long-range accuracy tips.

Pushing the Limits with the 28 Nosler

A year ago, Nosler introduced its first namesake cartridge – the blistering hot 26 Nosler. Now the company has grown its family to include the most powerful 7mm round available today: The 28 Nosler.

Sierra Releases Tipped MatchKing Bullets

Sierra's MatchKing bullets have grown in renown as among the most accurate projectiles on the market. The company, however, has attempted to improve on the already impressive bullets with a resin-tipped line.

Video: Astounding EXACTO Round Maneuvers Mid-Flight to Hit Target

The EXACTO round has the potential to make military snipers more potent, giving them the ability to change their bullet's trajectory midair.

Match Bullets, Accuracy in a Box

A precision rifle is half the equation when it comes to accuracy. The other half, top-notch ammo. There are a few things, however, that must be kept in mind when loading ammunition that will knock the heart out of the 10 ring.


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