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Gun Apps that Score a Bull’s Eye

Music, banking, games – there's an app for nearly everything. Shooters haven't been left out in the cold. There are plenty of gun apps out there that turn smartphones into nifty shooting, reloading and general gun tools.

Video: Tiger McKee’s Real Fast Pistol Training

Loading, reloading and dealing with malfunctions might seem like basic skills, but they are among the most important fundamentals in handling a semi-automatic pistol competently.

The Practical Mathematics of the .22 Caliber Firearm

Calculating the benefits of the .22 rimfire as the all-around best survival gun.

No Shame in Using Low Recoil Ammo

Stop beating yourself up. New low recoil ammo from Hornady joins other popular offerings from Remington and Federal to make shooting fun. In fact, even lightweights like me can handle it.

6 Handgun Fundamentals You Must Know

Every shot you take, fast or slow, near or far, small or large target, requires the correct handgun fundamentals.
22LR Ammuntion

.22 LR: The Best Survival Ammunition?

Let me make my case for the .22 Long Rifle (.22 LR) as the ultimate survival choice in terms of rifle cartridges. What does the .22 LR have going for it that would make someone even consider it as a survival choice, let alone the best all-round?

Big-Bore Ballistics: Are Muzzle Energy Calculations Useless Information?

In "Big-Bore Revolvers," author Max Prasac looks at terminal ballistics from the perspective of the big-bore revolver, and dispenses some of the myths he says are frequently perpetuated by the hunting/gun magazine industry as a whole.
Ball Ammo

Ball Ammo: The Best Survival Gun Bullets

A lot of careful consideration and planning needs to be done in order to make sure you are ready for surviving a long-term calamity. ...
from Chapter 13, Shotshell Ammunition Reloading

True or Not? Shotshell Reloading Myths Dispelled

Whether the results you get from shotshell reloading are "good" or "bad" depends on what you were trying to do. In "ABCs of Reloading," author C. Rodney James points out several problems that you can't blame on the loads, and goes on to dispel a few "false notions and home truths" about shotguns and shooting.

Winchester’s New Load Blindsides Waterfowl

Blind Side is a definite unique alternative to that Same Old Steel Syndrome. Every little bit helps in the duck blind.

Ammo: Long-Term Storage Tips

With the run on ammunition and threats from elsewhere, it pays to store your ammo right.

Wheel Weight Bullets

When money's tight - or even when it's not - don't overlook bullet casting as an affordable way to churn out some fine projectiles.

The Long-Range Handgun Load

Shooting traditional handgun cartridges at long range takes practice and careful loading. You have to do a lot of things right to make it work, starting with the handgun load.

Hands On! Stoney Point Shooting Sticks

You want to stay mobile. You want a solid shooting rest. You want Stoney Point Shooting Sticks.

Optics Options Abound

Better hunting optics deliver more detail, brighter images, clearer aim and less eye-strain during long glassing sessions. Here's a look at some of the best scopes and binoculars.

Reloading: Why is the .270 Winchester Still Around?

Though the author never warmed to it, the .270 Winchester has plenty of reasons to prove its worth, not the least of which is its popularity.


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