Inside Look: Team Colt Competitive Shooters

Inside Look: Team Colt Competitive Shooters

Team Colt -colts484-team_fThe Colt name is, and has always been, synonymous with quality and excellent performance. It only makes sense that Colt's competition shooters would meet the same standards.

Below we offer an inside look at Team Colt shooters Maggie Reese and Mark Redl.

Team Colt -colts085-teamMaggie Reese:
Multi-time USPSA National Champion
Top 5 in Women's NRA Bianchi Cup Competition
Three-time IronMaiden at the MGM Ironman 3-Gun Competition
Competitor on Top Shot (Season 2)
Babes with Bullets Firearms Instructor

“For USPSA, I compete with a Single Stack Colt Government Model 38 Super I love shooting a Colt 1911 because it can be totally customized and modified. Many things can be done after market to make it suit the individual shooter. It has everything on it that I like. My grips, curved trigger and adjustable sights are exactly what I want. The oversize safeties are easier for me, and the narrow single stack fits my grip.”

“For 3-Gun competitions I start with Colt’s LE6920 and then accessorize specific to the division or competition I’m shooting. I’m definitely a “gear junkie”! I love having the newest and coolest stuff so I switch things around a lot.”

Team Colt -colts390-teamMark Redl:
Two-time IDPA King of New England Champion
Top 5 IDPA National Championships
High Senior at the 2015 Smith & Wesson IDPA Indoor Nationals
Over 25 State & Regional IDPA & USPSA Titles
Colt Manager of Product Marketing

“It was with a heavy heart that I decided to retire the Legend,” says Mark Redl, Product Manager for Colt and Team Colt sponsored shooter. The Legend, Mark’s O8011XSE has seen him through four years of competitive matches has accrued over 175,000 rounds in its lifetime. “Because of the quality materials and level of craftsmanship that goes into every Colt pistol, the Legend never let me down,” Redl continues. “When we developed the Colt Competition Pistol, I knew I had my next Legend.”

On August 24, 2015, Colt announced the addition of Team Colt sponsored shooter Mark Redl to its marketing team as product manager. Redl brings with him a wealth of firearms knowledge gained throughout the eight years of his professional shooting career, four years of which he has been a Team Colt sponsored shooter.

“Mark Redl brings so much to the table in this role,” said Paul Spitale, Colt’s Sr. Vice President of Commercial Business. “He’s a top athlete in the field of competitive shooting, and his knowledge of our product line is staggering. His insight will help us usher in the next generation of Colt products.”

“When I heard Colt was looking to fill this role, I saw an opportunity and I took the shot,” said Redl. “The chance to work with this team and build something special with such an iconic brand, it’s a dream come true.” During Redl’s time on Team Colt, he has accrued more than 170,000 rounds through his competition gun, a Colt O8011XSE Combat Elite.

Mark Redl is a two-time IDPA King of New England champion and has earned more than twenty state and regional shooting competition victories throughout his career.


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