The Sig P320 Max, Optic Included And Ready To Run


Built to dominate the Carry Optics division, the Sig P320 Max is long on gold-medal features.

When it comes to Sig Sauer, all the chatter as of late has been around the P365. Makes sense, given the surge of gun buyers, most angled at picking up a personal-defense piece. Though a bit less heralded in recent years, the micro 9mm’s big brother—the P360—still has the stuff to impress, from its inherent accuracy to flexible platform. Now, the protean pistol is tackling the competitive world.

A race gun through and through, the Sig P320 Max has features soup to nuts to get a skilled shooter gunning for gold. It should, given the 9mm was designed with input from dominant pro pistol competitor Max Michel—hence the moniker. But there’s more to the gun than Michel’s name stenciled on the slide.

Sig P320 Max
Sig P320 Max

As those who follow competitive shooting may have already guessed, Michel being part of the project means the pistol is optics ready. The pro dominates in the Carry Optics division—winning every USPSA championship in the division since its inception. In turn, Sig includes a ROMEO3MAX 1×30 competition reflex sight factory install on the P320 Max. Made for fast target acquisition and transition, the optic has among the widest fields of view available today, as well as a 6 MOA red dot, with 110 MOA of elevation adjustment and 80 MOA of windage (1 MOA increments).

Nice as the extra is, the optic isn’t the truly intriguing aspect of the P320 MAX. The striker-fired’s shootability is. Primarily, this is thanks to the pistol’s heavy TXG tungsten-infused grip module that ups the gun’s mass to a hefty 43.5 ounces. Yeah, not a contender for concealed carry. But expect the nearly 3-pound pistol to do a number on recoil and muzzle flip, therefore run like the wind, accurately so.

Ergonomics also get the once over, making the P320 Max all the more conducive to being run hard. In particular, Sig makes the pistol eminently simpler to manipulate thanks to wrap-around cocking serrations running nearly the entire length of the slide. Wide, yet shallow, the feature gives a solid handle at any contact point, picking up the pace of reloads and addressing malfunctions on the fly. Additionally, Sig has done away with the front sight on the upper. Purpose-built for competition, the omission facilitates a clearer sight picture with the optic, theoretically making it faster target to target.

Sig Romeo3 Max
Sig Romeo3 Max

Capacity, the P320 Max doesn’t want. Shipping with four 21-round steel magazines, the pistol has enough on tap to make reloads rare stage to state. And the 9mm has the assets to put them on target without a hitch. These include a 5-inch match-grade bull barrel, skeletonized flat trigger, one-piece stainless steel guide rod and 1911-style recoil spring. The gun ships with two springs, 12 and 14 pounds to customize to the user’s preferences. Other notables include an amply undercut trigger guard to facilitate a fundamentally high grip, positive texturing on the panels and front and back straps, and accessory rail at the fore.

As to price, that’s a good question. Sig doesn’t list the MSRP, however, several online retailers have the P320 Max on pre-order in the $1,500 neighborhood.

P320 Max Specs
Caliber: 9mm
Capacity: 21+1
Overall Length: 8.5 inches
Overall Width: 1.6 inch
Height: 6.8 inches
Barrel Length: 5 inches
Weight: 43.5 ounces
Trigger: Skeletonized Flat Trigger
Grip Module: TXG Full-Size XGRIP Module
Barrel Material: Carbon Steel
Frame Material: Stainless Steel
Frame Material: Stainless Steel

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