Military Firearms

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Video: M60 in Slow-Motion Action

This is a moment of Zen for gun folks. One of the U.S. Military’s most recognizable machine guns slowed down to a snail’s pace.

The 3 Deadliest Gunfighting Pistols of All Time

Collecting the timeless gunfighting pistols: The Luger, the 1911A1 and Single Action Army.

Remington Defense Now Selling to Civilian Market

Remington Defense is now selling to the consumer market, here are the first four firearms heading to a gun store near you.

Gun Auction: Marine Sniper Rifle Sells for $26,400

Record turnout for Morphy’s Jan. 31-Feb. 1 firearms auction yields $1.2 million result, including fierce bidding for a Vietnam-era marine sniper rifle.

Beretta APX – Going Full-Sized in Striker-Fired

With company's first foray into the full-sized striker-fired pistol market, Beretta is shooting at more than the consumer market. The gun maker looks to score a bull's eye as the U.S. Army's sidearm.

Canadian Rangers Bidding Farewell to the Lee-Enfield

After around 100 years of service with the Canadian Military, the Lee-Enfield is being sidelined. However, the venerable and battle-tested rifle looks being replaced with another bolt-action.
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Market Trends: Iowa Auction House Moving Lugers

German arms, particularly Luger pistols, have been the hot ticket for an Iowa auction house. Not only have they moved quickly, but also drawn top bids.

Video: Astounding EXACTO Round Maneuvers Mid-Flight to Hit Target

The EXACTO round has the potential to make military snipers more potent, giving them the ability to change their bullet's trajectory midair.

Feeding Frenzy: Gun Auction Finishes 2014 With $47.5 Million in Sales

In the shadow of the Black Friday shopping weekend, the gun auction scene was red hot as Rock Island Auction Company’s December 2014 Premiere Firearms Auction saw collectible firearms selling like flat screen TVs.

MKS Supply Introduces Replica of Famed 1911 Military Model

There is nothing like a 1911 when it comes to semi-automatic pistols. Now there is a replica, soon to be available, that attempts to stay true to the toughness of the original military model of the pistol.

Video: Rare WWII German Military Guns

When it comes to firearms collecting, military arms are hot, but few come close to the firearms documented in this video. The German rifles show here are extremely rare and, in turn, boarder on being priceless.

Video: BAR Lives Again as the HCAR

Ohio Ordnance Works has produced an updated version of the BAR. And while it may have a new look, the H.C.A.R. is equally as devastating as its forebear.

Video: Review of Colt’s Cost-Effective AR – the 6920

When it comes to AR-style rifles, there is one for every price range. But few give shooters as much bang for the buck as Colt's 6920.

The Ever Popular and Collectable M1 Garand

Touted as the greatest battle rifle ever, the M1 Garand's is one of America's most storied firearms. The M1's rich history continues to grow today, as this rifle remains a popular option among collectors and competitors.

IWI Introduces Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle

Israel Weapons Industries continues to make plenty of waves in the tactical world. Its most recent, a new bolt-action sniper rifle, is a marked break from the company's previous precision platforms.

Army Shooting to Replace Beretta M9

The Beretta M9 has been in military service for nearly 30 years. But recently, the Army has signaled it aims to replace the 9mm with a more reliable and powerful pistol.




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