Best Pistol Reviews To Find A Superb Semi-Auto (2019)

Sig Sauer M17
The P320-M17 is a striker-fired handgun, but it’s equipped with an ambidextrous, manual thumb safety.

Find the perfect heater for under the Christmas tree with our best pistol reviews, lists and videos from 2019.

You’re probably well aware, Christmas is among the busiest gun-buying seasons of the year. For the past decade or so, gun buyers have snapped up pistols, rifles and shotguns at an impressive pace during the holiday season. And why not? Given the deals big chain outdoor stores and local gun shops offer during the Yuletide, you'd be a fool to miss out.

It’s not all clear sailing, however. While there are a ton of guns moving at cut-rate prices, not every one of them is what your No. 1 shooter wants to find under the tree Christmas morning. Not that any true-blue gun enthusiast would turn his or her nose up at a gift firearm, at the same tick you want them to unwrap exactly what they want. We’ll help make sure you get it right. We’ve gathered 20 of the best pistol reviews, lists and videos from 2019 to make certain you stuff a stocking with a superb semi-auto this year.

11 Top Picks For Concealed Carry Handguns (2019)

Looking to go armed, but are stuck in the weeds as to what to arm yourself with? Here are 11 excellent concealed carry handgun options brand new for 2019.

8 Best Handguns New For This Year (2019)

Champing at the bit for a top new heater? These are the 8 new handguns you should be craving to add to your gun safe.

4 Hot New Remington Handguns To Take Aim At (2019)

Bouncing back from bankruptcy, Big Green is still turning out top guns. Here are four Remington handguns worth drawing a bead on.

Glock 43X And Glock 48 Engineered For Maximum Carry Convenience

Best Starter Kit for Concealed Carry:

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Built with the gunmaker's simple dependability, the Glock 43X and Glock 48 offer shooters slim and effective concealed carry choices in 9mm.

Check Out Other Review Roundups:

Range Testing the SIG M17 Civilian Variant

Outside a few nuances, the SIG M17 Civilian Variant is identical to newly minted military service pistol and performs battle tough.

MC1sc Proves A Big Surprise In A Little Package

Mossberg takes the sub-compact 9mm to the next level in functionality and affordability with the MC1sc.

Walther PPK/S Reboot: American-Made German Engineering

Re-released purely under the Walther banner, the historic PPK and PPK/S are back.

Springfield Hellcat: The Big And Small Of The Micro-Compact

Touted as the highest-capacity micro-compact on the market, the Springfield Hellcat doesn't make you choose between concealability and firepower.

Walther Arms’ Impressive Pistol Lineup

Just a sample of Walther Arms has to offer when it comes to pistols is enough to leave this gun writer begging for more.

Stoeger STR-9: Performance On The Cheap

Stoeger’s new STR-9 keeps pace with the best of the striker-fired market for a price that you can’t beat.

Sig P365 SAS Proves One Smooth Operator

Boasting a unique gutter sight in the slide, the P365 SAS promises to eliminate all potential snags on the draw.

The All-Arounder: Springfield Armory XD(M) 10mm

From hunting to defense, the Springfield XD(M) 10mm has you covered.

Video: SIG Sauer MPX Proves One Cool Customer

An advanced operating system and fully modular, the SIG Sauer MPX remains a top AR-style pistol option.

Wilson Combat Vickers Elite 9mm 1911

Practically perfect in every conceivable way, custom comes standard with the Wilson Combat Vickers Elite line.

Reviving The Hard-Charging MEUSOC 1911

The history and building of one battle-tough pistol — MEUSOC 1911.

Gun Review: Kimber’s Mighty Micro 9

Micro 9mm handguns are popping up all over, and Kimber’s Micro 9 is no slouch.

Challenging The 5.56 NATO: The LWRCI 6.8 SPCII

A culmination of a slew of incremental changes, the LWRCI Six8 aims to tackle the 5.56 AR's supremacy.

Springfield Range Officer Compact Vs. Nighthawk Custom T4

If you stack the one-gunsmith made Nighthawk Custom T4 against the production Springfield Armory Range Officer Compact, how do things shake out?

Beretta Introduces Enhanced 92X Line

Long on performance features, the Beretta 92X line gives a new twist to a tried-and-true design.

Ruger Takes AR-556 Pistol .300 Blackout

The AR-556 Pistol family expands with a .300 Blackout offering.

We Found Bulk Ammo In Stock:

Disclosure: These links are affiliate links. Caribou Media Group earns a commission from qualifying purchases. Thank you!

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