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Defensive handgun bullets feature

Understanding Defensive Handgun Bullets

Many armed citizens only trust their lives to factory ammunition, but here’s what you need to know about loading your own defensive handgun bullets.
Black Friday

Gun Deals: Pre-Black Friday, Black Friday And Cyber Monday (2023)

Find the top gun deals and gear sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday all in on spot!
9mm ultra

Ammo Brief: 9mm Ultra

A quick look at 9mm Ultra, also known as 9mm Police.

Gun Cleaning: How Much Is Too Much?

Gun cleaning is important, but there’s no need to waste your time cleaning them too much.

Building A Midrange Rifle

Specific golf clubs are made for specific distances, and so are guns. Here the author goes over what makes a good midrange rifle.

CANCON Georgia 2023 Event Recap: Suppressors, Night Shotgun Courses, and Crew Served Machine Guns

Our second year holding CANCON at the 17 South Rod & Gun Club in Fleming, GA! This year was bigger and better than last year with dozens of vendors, hundreds of visitors, and tens of thousands of rounds fired down range.
44 Magnum pistol feature

Your (Limited) Semi-Auto .44 Magnum Pistol Options

Looking for a hand cannon but don’t like wheelguns? Here are your (limited) options when it comes to buying a .44 Magnum pistol.

Until It Shines: Using Brass Case Cleaner

How to clean your brass the easy way using brass case cleaner.

Stoeger Double Defense Review: Modern-Day Coach Gun

The author reviews the Stoeger Double Defense, a double-barrel shotgun that puts a 21st-century spin on the coach gun concept.

First Look: Stag Arms Pursuit Bolt-Action Rifles

Stag Arms is branching out into bolt-actions with the release of the Pursuit bolt-action rifle series.

5.7x28mm For EDC?

Do pistols chambered for 5.7x28mm cut it for everyday carry? Yes and no and … maybe.

The Quick Draw: Hip Shooting And The Value Of Sights

The author tests out fast draws, hip shooting and point shooting to demonstrate the value of using your defensive handgun’s sights.

Night Divides The Day: Choosing The Best Pistol Light

These days, nearly every handgun comes with a rail, so here are some top pistol light choices to help destroy the night.

How To Master Double Taps

Mastering double taps through a proper understanding of hammers and controlled pairs.

The Best Budget Rifle And Scope Combos

A buyer’s guide for the best budget bolt-action rifle and scope combos currently on the market.