Wisconsin: George Webb Restaurants Ban Firearms

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Dan Mueller, who grew up in the village and now lives in Hartford, is the local George Webb franchisee who also owns George Webb restaurants in Hartford and West Bend. He said it is his policy not to allow guns to be carried into the restaurants.

He said he posted a sign on the door of the Sussex restaurant because of an incident last month involving an individual who carried a side arm into the China Wok on east Main Street.

Mueller said he was also alerted to the possibility that some individuals might carry side arms into local restaurants unless there is a sign posted on the door forbidding it.

He said signs have not been posted at his Hartford and West Bend establishments because “it has not become an issue” at those locations.

He said he was concerned that customers may feel uncomfortable. “If they see someone sitting at the counter with a gun strapped on” or that someone might walk into the restaurant during third shift hours wearing a gun. The restaurant is one of the few establishments in Lake Country open 24 hours.

“We have customers who have stopped at a bar for a few drinks after working third shift before coming here to eat. I don't want a situation where there is someone carrying a gun,” he said. Read more

Source: livinglakecountry.com


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