Neighbor Shoots Intruder in Alleged Burglary Plot


HOLBROOK – A local Lakeside man shot and wounded another local man when he discovered what appeared to be a burglary in process at his neighbor's home.

Deputies responding to the scene met with Gaylon Crawford, who tolddeputies he had been asked by his neighbor to check on his residence because an alarm had been activated indicating a possible intrusion.

The neighbor/homeowner Jim Schueller, who lives in the Valley, was nothome at the time of the incident. Crawford said he noticed the shop door appeared to have been forced open and the lights were on. When he entered the shop he saw two males in dark clothing, who told him they were retrieving their tools.

Crawford said he drew his handgun andordered both individuals to put their hands above their heads and advised that the police had been called.

Crawford said one ofthe males eventually charged him and he fired his handgun when the individual came within three feet of him (Crawford) because he feared for his life. Crawford was knocked to the ground and lost the handgun and both individuals ran from the area.

Deputies were notifiedlater that a male subject was at Summit Healthcare with a gunshot wound to the left bicep and responded. Once at the hospital, deputies identified Kevin Lee Phillips, 30, as the person with the gunshot wound.

Phillips told the responding deputies he had been at the shopand that an older male had shot him. When asked who the other male was who with him, Phillips said he just knew the person as “Jake.”

Oncereleased from the hospital, Phillips was arrested and charged with second degree burglary and criminal damage. Read more


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