Blaser Adds 6.5 PRC To Caliber Options For R8 Rifle Line


Blaser R8 straight-pull rifles, already renowned for their versatility and customization options, have just added 6.5 PRC to their long list of possible chamberings.

The 6.5 PRC Blaser R8 Stock Options:

  • Synthetic Edition
  • Wooden Edition
  • Leather Edition
  • Ultimate Edition

Blaser’s rifles are exemplary of high-end German engineering. Their consistent accuracy and precision make them a favorite choice of hunters and long-range competition shooters around the globe. The Blaser R8 straight-pull rifle platform’s modularity allows it to quickly swap calibers and stocks to fulfill whatever role is necessary in the moment. From varmint-hunting to precision rifle competitions, the R8 can be made to be the right tool for the job. Jason Evans, CEO of Blaser Group, claims that between all available options over 47 million unique R8 configurations can be assembled. This ludicrous number was recently inflated by the addition of 6.5 PRC to the list of chambering options available for the Blaser R8.

R8 ultimate
Blaser R8 Ultimate Edition.

There is a plethora of 6.5mm calibers on the market today, but each one was designed with a different job in mind. 6.5 PRC was developed for use in precision rifle competitions, hence the PRC name. Precision rifle competitions have strict requirements surrounding the kinds of ammunition and gear which can be used, so 6.5 PRC was designed to deliver the maximum possible performance while still abiding by the rules. The result was a cartridge that has a higher velocity, a flatter trajectory and that is less susceptible to wind than 6.5 Creedmoor.

R8 leather
Blaser R8 Ultimate Leather Edition.

This cartridge seems like a wonderful match for the R8 platform, which has a ~1.98-pound trigger pull and can retain its .5 MOA even after swapping the barrel. The Blaser’s famed accuracy combined with the 6.5 PRC cartridge will surely make easy work of precision rifle shooting when put in the right hands.

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  1. With the Nordic nations’ affinity for 6.5 cartridges I can see the 6.5 PRC becoming popular there. My 6.5PRC Browning X-Bolt Pro is a light, carbon fiber-stocked mountain rifle and it is (for the 1st three shots) very accurate.

    With the Blaser’s modularity I can see an avid hunter owning the bolt, barrel and magazine for this great cartridge. It is as inherently accurate as the 6.5 Creedmoor. I know as I compete with the 6.5 CM and hunt with the 6.5 PRC.


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