XS Night Sights Now Available For Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Plus

XS Night Sights Now Available For Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Plus

Four new night sight options from XS Sights to make your M&P Shield Plus glow.

The New XS Sights:

  • DXT2, Dot-The-“i” Sight Picture, Front And Rear Tritium, Yellow Or Orange
  • R3D, 3-Dot Sight Picture, Front And Rear Tritium, Orange Or Green
  • F8, Figure-Eight Inline Sight Picture, Front And Rear Tritium, Orange
  • DXW2, Dot-The-“i” Sight Picture, Front Tritium, Yellow Or Orange

Despite what they’re called, night sights aren’t only for fighting in the dark. Their large, brightly colored and self-illuminating front posts enable quicker target acquisition in any light condition. After upgrading to night sights even most younger shooters with 20/20 vision notice an improvement in their results compared to using traditional iron sights. XS Sights’ night sights are even bigger and brighter than most competing models thanks to their proprietary Glow Dot which surrounds the tritium vial.

DXT2 Big Dot Yellow
DXT2 Big Dot Night Sights, Yellow.

Another advantage of night sights that rarely gets discussed is that they allow you to more quickly arm yourself in the dark. Many people sleep with a pistol on their nightstand, but if the gun is as dark as its surroundings you may accidentally grab your TV remote when things start going bump in the night. Brightly glowing night sights on your pistol allow you to not only always see where your gun is, but know how it is oriented as well. This should allow you to not only find your gun faster if the need for it arose but also grab it with a more proper firing grip right off the bat. As long as the ghostly emanations of radioactive decay don’t contribute to your insomnia, this will be the attribute of night sights that you appreciate the most regularly.

DXT2 Sight Picture
DXT2 Sight Picture.

There are four new XS night sight models available for the increasingly popular Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Plus which was released earlier this year. Installation is easy and XS Sights has both written and video guides available online. XS Sights come with a 10-year warranty and the MSRP for the new M&P Shield Plus models range from $110 to $132.

For more information on XS Sights, please visit xssights.com.

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