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AR-15/M16: The Rifle That Was Never Supposed to Be

Find Out How the "Mattel Toy" became America's Assault Rifle.

AR-15 Disassembly: Getting It Apart

Learn AR-15 disassembly - how to field-strip and completely disassemble your AR and get it all back together again - for routine and advanced cleaning, maintenance and repair.

Gun Photos: Best AR-15 Optics

From military to police, to competition and survival uses, there's an optics solution ideal for your AR-15. Patrick Sweeney takes a look at some of the newest and very best scopes and red dots for the AR-15 platform.
AR-15 Torture Test Dirt

Debunked: 3 Reasons the AR-15 Isn’t Reliable

The AR-15 isn’t reliable. Just ask the critics. They'll often site three reasons why the AR-15 isn't reliable. They're debunked here. 1) The AR-15 Gas...

Gun Photos: Brutal AR-15 Torture Test

Patrick Sweeney performs a variety of AR-15 tactical gun tests. Can any of them stand up to this brutal AR-15 torture test? Let’s be clear...

AR-15 Review: The Ruger SR556

Patrick Sweeney looks at the Ruger SR556, the company's first AR-15-style carbine. Even a few years ago, this would have been unthinkable.

Keep your AR-15 running like a top

The latest Gun Digest Kit of the Month focuses on the most popular rifle in America. This valuable kit will help you keep your AR-15 running strong

Clearing a Double-Feed in an AR-15 – NSSF

Exploring AR-15 Optics Sighting Options

The improvement I like best for the AR-15 is the flat-top upper. It gives you more options for sighting and makes the rifle more scope-friendly. Plus, you can add quick-on-and-off peeps and front sights. Here's a look at AR-15 optics.

Tactical Video: Gerber eFECT AR-15 Tool

This short video (no sound) gives you a closer look at the Gerber eFECT AR-15 tool.

Gunsmithing: Install a Better AR-15 Trigger

Installing a new AR-15 trigger can make a world of difference. Several companies make great aftermarket AR parts. Let's look at some.

AR-15 Scopes and Optics

AR-15 scopes are pretty simple; after all, you're just picking a scope for a rifle. Of course in the defensive, law-enforcement or military context, durability becomes much more important than in hunting.


A directory of the best AR-15 reviews, including AR-10s. Find the latest ARs for tactical use, home defense, competition, survival, truck guns, or SHTF! Learn how to customize your AR-15 or AR-10, and check out DIY articles on AR upgrades from Gun Digest’s expert contributors. Also see: Gun ReviewsHandgunsRiflesShotgunsMuzzleloadersAR-15sConcealed Carry

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