Gunstruction Review: Online AR-15 Builder

Gunstruction Review: Online AR-15 Builder

This online AR-15 builder takes window shopping to a whole new level with interactive controls and the ability to accessorize your dream AR with top-of-the-line real-world accessories.

Online gun building applications certainly aren’t new—Brownell’s AR-15 Builder is but one excellent example—and’s version, called Gunstruction, is yet another really good choice. Gunstruction is simple to use and makes it easier to envision your next AR build before dishing out your money.

I recently gave it a spin and found it to be intuitive (with a couple minor hang-ups, noted below) and at least as much fun as watching reruns of Route 66 on the local retro channel. Gunstruction.First you need to install free software in order to view and use the tool. Next, you can either choose to build an AR from scratch—literally part by part—or start with a pre-built platform from Troy, ArmaLite, Stag Arms, LaRue Tactical, Doublestar Corp. or VLTOR, which you can trick out to your heart’s content.

You can swap out uppers and lowers, barrels, trigger assemblies, stocks and operating systems—gas piston kits!

As you make changes, the retail price of parts is displayed and the total gun cost is updated. You can name your gun project and save it in your account. You can come back later and make changes, and add additional gun projects.

There is a ton of cool name brand accessories from which to choose, from bipods and stocks to optics and flash suppressors.

The camera feature allows you to save images of your gun in varying aspect ratios, and you can literally spin, rotate and flip your gun any which way on the screen to see how she looks.

There is quite the selection of custom paint jobs you can apply, too, including all the popular commercial camo schemes. You can also detail with Duracoat or spray paint in every possible “tactical” coloration imaginable.

The only issue I had using Gunstruction was figuring out how to add accessories to the gun after choosing them.

The trick with scopes and flashlights is to add a mount. clearly put some thought into making this part realistic, requiring you to get matching mounts for the mounting system and optic you’ve chosen. This is a very handy aspect of the tool simply for getting the right mounts for your scope.

The video tutorial below explains this well.


The AR-15 is like the Jeep of guns. You can swap and customize pretty much everything to build your dream rig.’s Gunstruction is a powerful online tool that allows you to do just that—so you know what you’re getting into … well before you hit the trail.


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