Proper Techniques for AR-15 Trigger Control

Proper trigger control when firing an AR-15 can lead to tighter groups.
Proper trigger control when firing an AR-15 can lead to tighter groups.

Achieving the highest accuracy from your AR is dependant on trigger control.

“This is where the manual rifle and a self loader part company,” says noted AR competition shooter John Paul Gangl. “It is my experience that few people understand the whole issue of trigger control on a self-loading rifle in relation to safety and accuracy.

“Let’s assume for our discussion that our guns are manual or semi-autos with very refined trigger systems. One method is using the pad of our trigger finger to produce a compressed, surprise break. Using this method on a self-loader with a refined match trigger is a recipe to a ‘finger-bounce’ double and poor accuracy.

“First, place the trigger of the self-loader in the crease of the first knuckle. Squeeze the trigger straight back into the frame until the sear breaks and the hammer falls. Don’t release the trigger but keep a squeeze on it. Hold it in place until the recoil impulse takes place.

“After the impulse settles, allow the trigger to come forward and listen for the click of the resetting sear.”

Practice this technique and it will make you a better shot.

Editor's Note: This article originally appeared in the July 15, 2013 issue of Gun Digest the Magazine.

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