SHOT Show 2014 New Guns Guide To AR-15s

SHOT Show 2014 New Guns Guide To AR-15s
The FN-15 from Fabrique Nationale (FN). Photo courtesy The Firearm Blog.


Let Gun Digest be your guide to the annual Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show 2014 with this gun blogosphere roundup of the top 10 coolest new AR-15s and accessories from the show.

1. The New FN-15 Available to the Public

FN-15 Carbine ReviewFor a good number of years readers have been asking why FN won’t sell their AR platform to the public. Well, the wait is over: FN is now selling the FN-15 to the public. The MSRP is $1100 with a street price a bit lower as always. Models available will be the carbine with 16 inch barrel as well as the full size rifle with a 20 inch barrel. FN is well known for making high quality barrels and the FN-15 lives up to that standard. If I understand correctly the FN-15 barrel uses the same materials as the M-249 barrel. They expect a very long life from these barrels. Read more at The Firearms Blog

2. Magpul MIAD GEN 1.1 Grip

Magpul Gen 1.1 Grip at SHOT 2014.Magpul just announced their new MIAD (MIssion ADaptable) GEN 1.1 Grip. Available for both 5.56×45 (Type 1 kit) and 7.62×51 (Type 2 kit) rifles, it features both front ahd back interchangeable straps and is compatible with all Magpul storage grip cores. It’s made in the USA and retails for $35.95, it’s expected to be available right after SHOT Show 2014. Read more at The Firearms Blog

3. SIG 556xi Modular Rifle

SIG556xi Russian.Introduced at SHOT Show 2014, the SIG556xi can be changed to any of three calibers, 5.56x45mm NATO, 300 Blackout, and 7.62x39mm NATO. Users can also quickly change out the non-serialized lower receiver, allowing the use of either AR-style STANAG or rock-and-lock AK-style mags. Gun Digest has the story here (plus video)

4. Desert Tech Micro Dynamic Rifle (MDR)

Desert Tech MDRDesert Tech has begun releasing pictures and some specifications of their new bullpup rifle they will be unveiling fully at SHOT Show. Some of the more interesting features are the ambidextrous nature of the rifle which sports a forward ejection mechanism for the spent brass. Another is that it's convertible between FIVE different calibers. Now that's pretty ‘dynamic.' Get more developments at Romeo Tango Bravo Blog.

5. NEW!! DRD Tactical G762 Rifle

DRD Tactical G7627.62 NATO Caliber, Quick Take Down, Compact Carry Rifle
DRD Tactical announces new for 2014 Model G762 Rifle, a quick takedown, semi-automatic rifle chambered in 7.62 NATO, which can be assembled from its hard-case orback-pack without any tools, in less than a minute. has more info

6. Caldwell Mag Charger for AR Magazines

Caldwell AR-15 Mag ChargerAR shooters from all around the country will stand in line to get this gadget. Sore thumbs are now history. If you're sick of handloading your AR-15 mags Caldwell has a nifty little device you're going to want. Watch the video demo at Down Range TV

7. Daniel Defense MK 12

Daniel Defense MK12 ReviewThe MK 12 produces down to 0.5′ groups with match grade bullets and is one of the hot new products introduced for 2014. Michael Bane takes a look from the floor of SHOT Show 2014. Watch the video

8. LWRC Razorback

LWRC RazorbackThe LWRC Razorback features all high end components and is chambered exclusively in 6.8 SPC — and designed around the cartridge. The gun was introduced just prior to the 2014 SHOT Show. There isn't much information available on it, but we were able to find some specs, images and video. Jump to the Gun Digest Sneak Peek

9. MPA300 Guardian .300 Win. Mag. AR-15

MPA 300 GuardianThe MPA300 Guardian is my pick for best rifle at Media Day (the range day that proceeds SHOT Show). The elegant looking is approximately the same size and weight of the Army’s .308 Win. M110 Semi-Automatic Sniper System but being chambered in .300 Win. Magnum it has up to twice the range and packs a much greater punch. This long-range shooter was The Firearm Blog's favorite gun from Media Day at the Range.

10. New from Armalite: AR-31 Rifle

Armalite AR-31It looks like everything is still all smiles and rainbows at Armalite after being rolled in with McMillan and Surgeon to form one massive rifle manufacturing company. This year’s new offering is the AR-31, a scaled down version of their AR-50 rifle that uses the same detachable magazines that work in their semi-auto AR-10 rifles. It feels great and works great, except for the trigger. It still feels square and slightly sharp, just like on the AR-30 rifle introduced last year, and the AR-50 before that. Learn more at the Truth About Guns Blog.

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