Lapping the Lugs

Bearing surface contact varies from rifle to rifle, and the percentage of contact doesn't always correlate with accuracy. Here's a basic primer on lapping the lugs.

What Shall I Do With That Old Mauser? Part 1

Muramatsu converts a Mauser to .45 ACP in this two-part series. Why, you ask? The best reason of all: It's fun.

What Shall I Do With That Old Mauser? Part 2

With a little imagination and a lot of skill, you can create a .45 ACP Mauser rifle. It doesn't matter why. This project is just plain fun.

Gunsmithing: Install a Better AR-15 Trigger

Installing a new AR-15 trigger can make a world of difference. Several companies make great aftermarket AR parts. Let's look at some.

Smith & Wesson M&P: 8 Tips for a Better Trigger

Smith & Wesson's M&P (Military and Police) pistol makes an excellent match pistol. This article, excerpted from Gun Digest 2009 annual book, provides a thorough review of this popular new tactical handgun. Plus - 8 tips from a master gunsmith for improving the M&P's trigger.

Restored To Life: Winchester 1886

At what point does a gun stop having serious collector value, and become more valuable as a candidate for restoration? Follow a Winchester Model 1886 from the dusty confines of the past to a whole new life.

A Look at the Precision Rifle – Part 1

A nice, tight action will make your precision rifle shoot like a dream. Retired SWAT sniper and gunsmith Dave Morelli explains how.

Upgrade Your Ruger 10/22 with Archangel Kit

Bye-bye squirrel gun. Hello spec ops rifle. Simply put, when you convert your Ruger 10/22 into the Archangel 5.56 Rifle (Advanced Rimfire System), your small game plinker becomes a serious worst-case scenario weapons system.

Barrels for the Ruger 10/22

In order to launch projectiles with a high degree of precision and accuracy, the lock, stock, and barrel of your Ruger 10/22 must work together in a complementary way.

Make An Accurate .22 Semi-Auto

You can have an accurate .22 semi-auto even if you don't want a heavy rifle or don't want to spend a tub of money on a heavy custom barrel.

Brownells Goes 360 Online

One of the world's leading manufacturers of firearm supplies has launched a new way to view its products online: in 360 degrees.

Glock Tools in One Box

Glock owners love the simplicity of these hard-working duty guns. Now Brownell's is offering a simple tool to handle all servicing of your Glock pistol.

Brownells Honors One-Millionth Customer

Brownells gave its one-millionth customer a free firearm to show its appreciation to its patrons.

Handgun Maintenance for Reliability

A dirty gun will eventually start to affect reliability. Because you don't know when you'll need your weapon, it's imperative to keep it cleaned and lubricated after each shooting session.

The Great Remington Rolling Block Buffalo Gun Project, Part 2

Inspired by the great rolling block design, the author decided to build a buffalo gun for hunting and shooting cowboy action single-shot long-range events. He chose a No. 5 carbine in 7mm and went to work.

The Great Remington Rolling Block Buffalo Gun Project, Part 1

Inspired by the great Remington Rolling Block design, the author decided to build a buffalo gun for hunting and shooting cowboy single-shot long-range events.


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