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Shot Placement feature

Wyatt Earp Was Right: Shot Placement Is Key

Wyatt Earp’s gunfighting days may have been over a century ago, but his advice about good shot placement is still true today.
team tactics feature

Practice Or Panic: Team Tactic Basics For Couples And Families

If you and your loved ones expect to keep cool in an emergency, you need to practice team tactics.
Double Action Reactive Targets feature

Range Gear Spotlight: Double Action Reactive Targets

A quick look at Double Action Reactive Targets, self-sealing polymer targets that change color at the point of impact.
Qualification Drills feature

The Dangerous Ambiguity Of Qualification Drills

The author debunks some dangerous assumptions that surround qualification drills and what they really mean.
steel vs paper targets feature

Handgun Training: Steel Vs. Paper Targets

Which is better for sharpening your handgun skills, steel or paper targets?
tactical reload feature

A Practical Variation Of The Tactical Reload

Reloading a handgun is a basic skill, but there’s more than one way to do it. Here, the author discusses a practical variation of the tactical reload.
ccw training feature

How To Start A CCW Training Regimen

Looking to start a CCW training regimen? Have a plan and take one bite at a time.

The Quick Draw: Hip Shooting And The Value Of Sights

The author tests out fast draws, hip shooting and point shooting to demonstrate the value of using your defensive handgun’s sights.

How To Master Double Taps

Mastering double taps through a proper understanding of hammers and controlled pairs.

Everyday Carry Advice From 6 Experts

Six experts share their advice regarding the everyday carry self-defense handgun.
whiskey and a gun

Concealed Carry Tips: Avoiding The Stupid

It may seem obvious, but when carrying a concealed firearm it’s even more important to avoid stupid places, stupid people and doing stupid things.
Glock 43X MOS feature

Glocked Up And Drilled Down

The author goes over a Glock G43X MOS that’s been setup for concealed carry as well as the Step Back Drill.

Understanding Handgun Recoil

A brief discussion on handgun recoil and how it impacts your shooting.

The Importance Of The Press Check

If a semi-automatic is your defensive handgun of choice, you need to learn the press check.
low-round-count feature

I’m Almost Out!: Low-Round-Count Training

Some low-round-count drills and training tips for when ammo supplies get tight.