Enhanced Training With The G-Sight ELMS App

Enhanced Training With The G-Sight ELMS App
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Giving you instant feedback, the G-Sight ELMS app turns your smart device into a personal firearms instructor.
Giving you instant feedback, the G-Sight ELMS app turns your smart device into a personal firearms instructor.

Acting like a personal firearms instructor, the G-Sight ELMS app helps you get the most out of your dryfire training.

In the era of Coronavirus house arrest, gun mags have spilled countless words on the importance of dryfire training. Ranges shutdown and folks shut-in, what better way to burn through mundane hours and improve your marksmanship than dropping the hammer on an empty chamber? What else are you going to do, binge watch another horrible series on your streaming service?

Anyhow, the great benefit to dryfiring in the modern day is it’s no longer a guessing game. Catching up with training methods, technology enhances what a shooter gets out of pulling the trigger without sending a bullet downrange. We’re talking feedback here, as instantaneous as a perforation in a silhouette. Few do it better than G-Sight Expert Laser Marksmanship System (ELMS).

Previously, we’ve reviewed and broken down the laser diode and how it functions in your handgun. But the hardware is only one part of the equation. The other is the real high-tech part of the system, ELMS’ marksmanship app.

What It Does

The ELMS laser interfaces with your gun, projecting it on the target when you pull the trigger. Think of it as your personal shooting range. The smart-device app, on the other hand, records your actual hits, allowing you to diagnose your accuracy in real-time. Slapping the trigger, breaking your wrists, pushing forward at the break, you’ll see it plain as day on the digital screen. Which, in essence, makes the app a one-on-one firearms coach.

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There are two parts to the program’s accuracy diagnostics. In order, audio and visual—each playing an important role in helping you train.

The latter first. As you can guess, the visual aspect allows you to see exactly where you’re hitting on a target and assess your performance. On the free basic app—available for both iPhone and Android devices—you get a 10 shot record. At first blush, it might sound limited, but the running tab should prove more than enough to gauge your groupings. Think of it this way, it’s three failure drills with complete feedback. Unless you're hiring out as a Congolese mercenary that should prove ample.

Working in conjunction with your smart device, G-Sight ELMS app gives you instant feedback on how your shots are grouping.
Working in conjunction with your smart device, G-Sight ELMS app gives you instant feedback on how your shots are grouping.

Auditorily, the app is a bit more nuanced, but no less important. When you make hits on the target the app lets out a ping! very similar to striking a sheet of AR500—those who shoot steel understand. Why does this prove key? Because, you can keep your focus where it needs to be—the front sight and downrange. While at the same time, still gain a rough idea if you’re placing shots where you should.

Advanced Training

Among the most difficult aspects to train is performance under pressure. Adrenaline pumping, a situation unfolding in real-time, effectively getting a gun into a fight, these are nigh impossible to replicate. Even competition is a pale facsimile. This should give you an idea of where dryfire training stands.

While no home-training system can provide a true reproduction of a lethal-force encounter, G-Sight offers an upgrade to hone your response in the face of stress. For a $5 in-app purchase, you arm the app with a shot timer. Don’t underestimate its usefulness. The second hand exerts an enormous pressure, enough to leave seasoned pros fumbling on their retrieval. Moreover, this dimension not only adds a sense of urgency to training, but lays bare how efficiently and effectively you respond to it. The stopwatch and bullseye don’t lie.

Getting the ELMS laser diode up and running is as easy as sticking it in your gun’s chamber.
Getting the ELMS laser diode up and running is as easy as sticking it in your gun’s chamber.

The shot timer is especially adept at dialing in a draw, but don’t stop there. Anything from emergency reloads to clearing stoppages is enhanced under the relentless tick of the clock.

Parting Shot

Even in times where the nation isn’t being forced to stick close to home base, tools such as G-Sight’s ELMS are indispensable. The name of the game is improvement and you only do that through practice. The cutting-edge piece of tech ensures you get plenty, executed the proper way.

For more information on the G-Sight ELMS app and system, please visit g-sight.com.


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  1. Dry-fire training is great. I have a gsight though have been using the Mantis Laser Academy in conjunction with CoolFire Trainer for a more realistic feel for handgun training. Thanks for your article!


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