The Beryl M762: A Polish AK For Africa

The Beryl M762: A Polish AK For Africa

A modernized AK retrofitted to its original caliber, the Beryl M762, designed for the Nigerian military, is now available stateside as well.

Features Of The Beryl M762 Import:

  • Semi-Auto AK Rifle Derived From wz. 96 Beryl
  • Made By FB Radom In Poland
  • Chambered For 7.62x39mm
  • 16-Inch CHF, Chrome-lined Barrel
  • 14×1 LH Threaded Muzzle
  • Enhanced Safety And Magazine Release
  • Compatible With Beryl Optic Rail System
  • Go Up For Sale 7/28/2021

There are only a few makes of AK still being imported into the States from original military arsenals, but FB Radom of Poland is one of them. Their Beryl rifles and Mini Beryl pistols are established as good quality semi-auto clones of Poland’s military arms, but not everyone wants an AK chambered in 5.56. Recognizing that Americans tend to prefer AKs in their original caliber, FB Radom has begun sending over their export Beryl model as well, the Beryl M762.

Beryl M762 mil config
Beryl M762 with a collapsible buttstock, FB optics rail and railed handguards with foregrip. Photo:Wikipedia

Originally developed for sale to the Nigerian military, the Beryl M762 has all the modern features, upgrades and build quality as FB's 5.56 guns, but is compatible with any standard AK magazine or M43 cartridge. Just as the Pole’s Beryls were put to the test during Middle Eastern NATO operations, the Beryl M762 has been proven in the Nigerians’ fight against Boko Haram. Now available stateside, these rifles offer American shooters the best of both Beryls.

Beryl M762 Origins

Our previous posts on FB Radom and 5.56 Beryls will give a more in-depth look at these weapons’ shared development history because not much changed between them and the Beryl M762. Because the 5.56 Beryl was an outgrowth of the Tantal project, all guns in this family are based on the AKM at heart. While the Soviet AK-74 underwent some more significant dimensional changes from the AKM during its development, the Beryl was essentially just a rechambering and modernization project for their 7.62×39 AKs.

Setting up production of the Beryl to arm Poland’s military completely took their AKM production offline. While the Pole’s didn’t need 7.62 guns themselves anymore, factories with the ability to produce AKs typically like to make money by exporting them abroad as well. When it comes to exported AKs, nearly everyone prefers 7.62×39 due to the abundance of ammunition and magazines which have been spreading around the globe for over half a century. This preference is one thing that American shooters and the Nigerian army brass had in common, and it is why FB Radom has added the semi-auto Beryl M762 to their U.S. catalog.

Nigeria Beryl M762 show
Beryl M762 is being displayed for the Nigerian government. Photo:Defense News Nigeria on Twitter

Nigerian armed forces have appreciated their Beryls since receiving their first batch in 2015. They have all the same ruggedness and simplicity of any other Kalashnikov but with the ability to mount modern optics, accessories, fire rifle grenades and even fire 3-round bursts. The Beryl is modern enough to give the Nigerian armed forces an edge in combat while maintaining the same training and logistical supply train as with their older, standard AK rifles. Nigeria and FB Radom have even signed a contract to allow local Nigerian production of the Beryl, but it is currently unknown if this project is still underway or if it has been canceled.

Nigerian Soldiers Beryl M762
Nigerian soldiers with Beryl M762s with drum magazines. Photo:Defense News Nigeria on Twitter

The Beryl M762 Import

The Beryl 762 S M1 is the semi-auto import version of the Beryl M762, and there isn’t much that can be said about them that isn't also true for the Beryl 223 S M1. They are both imported in “sporter” configurations and then converted to accept normal magazines and furniture while remaining 922 R compliant. They both are compatible with the Beryl optics rail system and have an enlarged safety selector and mag release. The Beryl handguards are proprietary, but the pistol grip and stock can be swapped with any standard AK components, Polish-made or otherwise. The Beryl M762s’s barrel length is two inches shorter than the 5.56 version, however, 16 inches provides sufficient velocity for 7.62×39. The Beryl M762 is otherwise just a Beryl that takes standard AK mags and ammo.

Beryl 762 import
The Beryl 762 S M1 as imported.

The Beryl M762 is a well-made gun from a prominent factory. It is an attractive option not only for its unique provenance regarding the Polish and Nigerian militaries, but for its practical upgrades as well. Like all FB Radom guns, the Beryl M762 is more expensive than most other AKs on the market, so you will have to determine whether its uniqueness and functional upgrades justify the price for you. This gun will appeal to both military-clone collectors as well as hardcore shooters looking for a reliable AK with more modern features than any other 7.62×39 import currently on the market.

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