WBP Mini Jack And Lynx: AK Pistols Straight Outta Poland

WBP Mini Jack And Lynx: AK Pistols Straight Outta Poland

For those who want a Draco with a bit more style, look no further than the WBP Mini Jack or Lynx.

What Are WBP AK Pistols?

  • 7.62x39mm
  • 10.2-Inch Chrome-Lined Barrel
  • Two Available Variants
  • Made In Rogów, Poland

AKs from WBP have been growing in popularity over recent years as other imported AK options have dwindled. Available, foreign-made AKs in the U.S. are currently limited to three manufacturers—Cugir, Zastava, and now WBP. Cugir and Zastava have longer histories, but WBP has shown a lot of promise for a relatively new company getting into AK production. So far, their guns have garnered a reputation of being just as reliable and functional as any AK from a more established military arsenal. The cherry on top is that WBP guns have a nicer fit and finish than most other AKs on the market, too.

WBP Mini Jack
WBP Mini Jack


There are two AK pistol models currently imported from WBP, the Mini Jack and the Lynx. The Mini Jack is the more classic, traditional model with wooden handguards, while the Lynx is the tactical variant.

The Mini Jack is essentially WBP’s pistol version of their Fox rifles. Besides the shorter barrel length, the Mini Jack only differs from the Fox in a few ways. The Mini Jack has a combination gas block and front sight, with a proportionally shorter gas piston. Unlike the Fox, the Mini Jack has no way to mount the uniquely Polish FB Radom rail system. It does include a standard-pattern side scope rail for mounting optics, however.

As the tactical model, the Lynx has the same guts as the Mini Jack but comes with black polymer furniture instead of wood, and segments of Picatinny on top for mounting optics in lieu of a side scope rail. The Picatinny rails are found on the rear sight block and gas tube, and have been aligned to allow for the seamless mounting of optics. Keep in mind that because the rear sight has been entirely replaced with Picatinny rail, there are no usable iron sights on the Lynx.

The Lynx also features an enhanced safety selector and magazine release for easier manipulation.

Both the Lynx and the Mini Jack have a barrel threaded for 14×1 LH muzzle devices, but a barrel nut has been spot welded on for legal importation. Removing this weld is easy and legal and will allow for the mounting of most common AK brakes and flash hiders.

WBP Lynx
WBP Lynx

Pistol Brace Or SBR?

Unlike ZPAP92s, WBP AK pistols are not pre-drilled to accommodate a variety of brace options. If you wish to put a brace on your Mini Jack or Lynx it will require either modifications to the rear of the receiver or the use of a simpler brace mounting option, like something from SB Tactical which attaches above the pistol grip.

Either of these pistols could be converted to an SBR as well, but their rear trunnion makes for an extra interesting option. WBP also sells select-fire AKs to military and police forces around the world, and one of their available models is an under-folder Mini Jack variant. Under-folders require a special rear trunnion, and that same trunnion is used in their semi-auto Mini Jacks that are sold in America.

Assuming that you have jumped through the ATF’s hoops to do so legally, an SBR’d Mini Jack could be converted to an under-folder without swapping the rear trunnion—something that can’t be said about any other AK pistol import.

The addition of either a brace or a stock will make any AK pistol far more practical than one without one, especially when trying to use an optic.

WBP Mini Jack, factory select-fire underfolder model.
WBP Mini Jack, factory select-fire underfolder model.

Both the WBP Mini Jack and the Lynx are fine AK pistol options. They offer a nicer fit and finish than Cugir-made guns, and the Lynx’s tactical rail options provide for a more modern AK platform out of the box than anything else on the market. You will have to decide whether the features found on WBP AK pistols justify the higher price than their competitors’ options.

For more on WBP, please visit wbprogow.com.

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