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The Rise And Fall Of The Swiss K31

A look back at the Swiss K31, probably the best service rifle ever made that never saw wide-scale combat use.

She’s Still Garand: Life And Times Of The Mighty M1

A look back at the venerable M1 Garand, America's storied and stalwart service rifle.

Fulton Armory Announces The M14 Black Hawk DMR

Fulton Armory has recently announced the Black Hawk DMR, a custom M14 inspired by the weapon used by Randy Shughart in Mogadishu.

Soviet Gun, NATO Ammo: The 5.56 AK Buyer’s Guide

If you’re interested in owning a Kalashnikov but would prefer it chambered for something a bit more Western, here are the best 5.56 AK rifles you can buy.

Modernizing The Makarov

The Makarov is a classic carry pistol, but there are a few things you can do to help bring it into the 21st century.

.277 Fury: The Army’s Newest Cartridge’s Background And Ballistics

A closer look at the development, adoption and ballistics of .277 Fury, the U.S. Army’s newest cartridge.
AK Red Dot Mount feature

The AK Red Dot Mount Buyer’s Guide

If you’re looking to add a 21st-century optic to your Kalashnikov, here are the best AK red dot mounts to do it with.
Best AR-10 1

5 Best AR-10 Options You Can Actually Afford (2023)

The AR-10 is many things, cheap isn't usually one of them. But we dig up the best AR-10 choices that won't put you in the poorhouse.

SHOT Show 2023 Day 2: Zastava M70 ZPAP Underfolder

Zastava USA had a genuine underfolder variant of the ZPAP M70 on its wall this year at SHOT Show 2023, and it’s sure to please a lot of AK enthusiasts who’ve been requesting the import for some time.

Romanian WASR 3 5.56 AK Rifles Available Again

After a several-year gap, Century Arms has just resumed importation of the Cugir WASR 3 5.56x45mm AK from Romania.

Brownells Releases BRN-4 Piston Upper Receiver Kits

Brownells has just released the BRN-4 Piston Upper Receiver Kit, providing builders with a more affordable path to an H&K 416 clone.  
PSA Type 56 feature

First Look: PSA “Spiker” Rifle Type 56 Clone

Palmetto State Armory has finally launched the AK-47 “Spiker” Rifle, a clone of the iconic Chinese Type 56 Kalashnikov variant.

Retro Builders Rejoice: H&R AR Parts Go Live

Retro AR parts now are back on the market as H&R begins shipping lower receivers.

First Look: Zastava M77 .308 AK

Not imported for over seven years, the Zastava M77 .308 AK is now back in the USA and will be available soon.

Top 11 Most American Guns Of All Time

Here are the top 10 American guns that changed design and world history.

Best Mosin-Nagant Scope Mount Options (2022)

If you're looking to add an optic to your ol' Russian warhorse, you need to consider these Mosin-Nagant Scope Mount Options.


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