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U.S. Military Weapons Likely In Taliban Hands

With the fall of the Afghan National Army, the Taliban has gained a trove of U.S. Military Weapons. Here's some of what's in their hands.
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The Best AK-47 Rifles You Can Find In The U.S.

With so many different kinds imported over the years, it’s hard to nail down what is the Best AK-47, but here are 10 front runners to keep an eye out for.
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Longest Sniper Shot: 6 Rifles That Went The Distance

The author takes an in-depth look at the sniper rifles behind the longest recorded shots in history.
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The SVD Dragunov: The World’s Most Prolific Sniper Rifle And Its Olympic Roots

Developed as a DMR for the Soviet army, the SVD is still much of the world’s go-to sniper rifle.
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The Beryl M762: A Polish AK For Africa

A modernized AK retrofitted to its original caliber, the Beryl M762 that was designed for the Nigerian military is now available stateside as well.
Berret's M82 has had a long, strange career in the military. With some the longest recorded kills to its name, the rifle has become a legend. Though orignially taking out enemy combatants was never its aim.

Barrett M82: Improbable Legend Among Sniper Rifles

Storied as the Barrett M82 is, its reputation as the ultimate .50-cal. sniper rifle is somewhat unlikely.
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The FB Mini Beryl: Poland’s Krinkov

The FB Mini Beryl has a lot in common with the AKS-74U, including its weaknesses.
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5.56 Beryl AKs From FB Radom: Poland’s Service Rifle Available Stateside

The FB Beryl is one of the nicest AKs still being imported, but its unique Polish features also make it one of the most expensive.
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FB Radom: Poland’s Military Arsenal

The first factory to make an AK outside of Russia, FB Radom is still arming soldiers and civilians at home and abroad nearly seventy years later.
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AK Shotgun: The Acme Of The Modern Combat 12-Gauge?

While the Benelli M4 was dominating the international combat shotgun market, others found a better, cheaper solution in the 12-gauge AK shotgun.
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Cugir Micro Draco: When Small Isn’t Small Enough

The Cugir Micro Draco, with its 6.25-inch-long barrel, is the smallest AK pistol on the market. Made in Cugir, Romania just like the WASR-10 rifle and standard Draco pistol, the Micro Draco is of the same quality as its bigger brothers.

The Cugir Draco: When Demand Outweighs Supply

From Dracos to WASRs to PSLs, Cugir Arms imports have long been a staple of the U.S. gun market. Now that the demand for Dracos is higher than the supply can provide for, what does the future hold for this little Romanian pistol that punches above its weight?
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Mosin-Nagant Stocks: Upgrade Your Warhorse (2021)

No need to stick to pitted and time-worn wood, aftermarket Mosin-Nagant stocks abound and are the fast lane to enhancing the iconic rifle.
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Alexander Hamilton’s Flintlock Pistols Go Up For Auction

With a history pre-dating the founding of the country, Alexander Hamilton's pistols are expected to draw a record-breaking price.

Top Mosin-Nagant Scope Mount Options (2021)

If you're looking to add an optic to your ol' Russian warhorse, you need to consider these Mosin-Nagant Scope Mount Options.
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7.62x25mm Tokarev: The Many Copies Of The Combloc Icon

Among the best known Combloc pistols, true-to-life Russian Tokarev pistol specimens are few and far between stateside. But its clones abound.


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