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Walther 32 ACP PPK feature

The .32 ACP Walther PPK And PPK/s Are Back

Walther has just reintroduced the famous PPK and PPK/s in .32 ACP.
Springfield Armory SA-16A2

First Look: Springfield Armory SA-16A2

Springfield Armory has just released the SA-16A2, a faithful yet enhanced clone of the iconic M16A2.
enfield jungle carbine feature

Collecting The Rare Enfield Jungle Carbine

There are many like it, but finding an original Enfield Jungle Carbine takes some investigative work.
Accuracy? You want accuracy? Hornady and American Gunner deliver here .

Best Revolvers Of All Time

What were the best revolvers of all time? Here, the author covers 10 wheelguns that truly deserve to be called classics.
drum magazine feature AK

Why Drum Magazines Couldn’t Keep The Beat

A look back at drum magazines, their pros and cons and why they’ve fallen out of favor for professional and military use.
walther P38 feature

Walther P38: Father Of The Modern Service Pistol 

If you’re a fan of double-action/single-action 9mm service pistols, you owe a lot to the Walther P38.
Franchi SPAS-12 feature

The Franchi SPAS-12: Pick Your Poison 

A deep dive into the Italian Franchi SPAS-12, a classic combat shotgun that left a big impression.
Harrington and Richardson PSA XM177E2 feature

Harrington & Richardson XM177E2 Review: The Lion Eats The Pony

The author checks out a Harrington & Richardson XM177E2 clone, one of the excellent retro AR options in PSA’s H&R line.
cz 75 feature

The Czech CZ 75: Past, Present And Future

The author takes a closer look at the past, present and future of the CZ 75, the timeless Czech wonder nine.
springfield m1903 feature

Classic Gun Review: Springfield M1903 Mark 1

The author reviews the classic Springfield M1903 Mark 1, a historic gem still capable of producing impressive results.

The M4 Carbine: The Fighting Rifle (Arguably) Perfected 

The M4 carbine is arguably the best all-around fighting rifle ever made, so here we’re looking at exactly how it came to be.
Mauser K98k feature

The Karabiner 98k: The Best Combat Bolt-Action Rifle Ever Made

The author does a deep dive into the German Karabiner 98k and discusses why it’s likely the best infantry bolt-action rifle to ever see combat.

PSA AK-74 Review: American-Made Russian Thunder

Imported 5.45x39mm rifles have been scarce and expensive lately, so we’re taking a look at the more affordable American-made PSA AK-74.

Lee-Enfield: Right Arm Of The Empire

An in-depth look at the Lee-Enfield, one of the most successful military bolt-action rifles ever produced.

M1 Carbine: Unlocking The Legacy Of The War Baby

Ready to explore the fascinating world of the M1 Carbine? Whether you're seeking an original piece of history or a top-notch reproduction, we've got you covered