Palmetto State Armory Spotlight: Keeping AKs Accessible And Interesting

Palmetto State Armory Spotlight: Keeping AKs Accessible And Interesting

Palmetto State Armory continues to expand their PSAK-47 and PSAK-74 lines with interesting rifles, pistols and parts that won’t break the bank.

Palmetto State Armory AKs have been a topic of debate in the gun community since they were first announced over six years ago. Between testing data, anecdotal evidence and pure hearsay, everyone has their own opinion on the quality PSA’s products. Regardless of what side of the spectrum you fall on, it’s objectively true that the quality of PSAK-47 rifles has gone up since their initial release in 2015. Their constant attempts to improve, innovate and respond to market demands show that PSA truly is dedicated to the AK platform, making them a worthy company to keep an eye on for any Kalashnikov enthusiast. Here are just a few of PSA’s interesting new and upcoming AK products:

Romanian PSAK-47 Kit Builds

While the quality of PSA AK rifles is a contentious topic, all sides seem to agree that they have substantially improved over the years. The first couple generations of PSAK were as rife with issues as any other 100% American-made Kalashnikov, but their more recent examples have garnered a dedicated following who believe that their quality is now up to snuff. Regardless of your opinion on the matter, few would disagree that original Commbloc military factories like Cugir can make parts of even higher quality due to their lineage and cumulative experience. For those who are looking for an AK in the current market that offers a good balance between quality and price, PSA’s new Romanian kit builds are worth looking at.

PSAK Romanian

Having purchased and imported a large quantity of Romanian PM md. 63 and 65 parts kits, PSA is now working to build them into complete rifles. Offered in a variety of configurations at different price points, the Romanian PSAK-47 kits feature almost all Romanian-made parts. The MSRP for the Romanian PSAK-47s starts at $849 and goes up depending on the furniture, barrel and trigger group options.

DIY PSAK-47 Build Kits

For those who trust the quality of all of PSA’s components and are interested in completing a build themselves, they have some new options available for that as well. They have several rifle kits and one AK pistol kit ready to purchase and assemble, and unlike traditional AK build kits that require things like pressing barrels and installing rivets, these kits are pre-barreled receivers that any layman can finish with ease. All these require to complete are a fire control group and a set of furniture. PSA has several different packages of furniture sets and trigger groups available to complete one of these kits, but surplus or other aftermarket parts could be used as well. MSRP for the kits starts at $549.99 and goes up to $849.99 depending on options.

PSA DIY kits

Russian PSAK-47 Kit Builds

In a similar vein to their Romanian kit builds, PSA has recently announced that they will be selling original Soviet Russian AK parts kit builds as well. Given the rarity of genuine Russian AK kits in America, when PSA finally releases these they will undoubtedly be more expensive and in shorter supply than their Romanian options. Dubbed the SA-47, these kits will be using Tula parts kits on American-made PSA receivers along with a few other minor components. These rifles will certainly be more appealing to collectors than shooters, but it would still be sad to see pieces of history like this ruined by the subpar build quality. Here’s to hoping that PSA does these rare kits service by turning them into some beautiful but also functional rifles. The MSRP or release date are still unknown.

A bonus from their recent importation efforts includes some original collectible Russian AK mags that are currently for sale as well.


PSA AK-105

Despite the shaky release of their first AK-74 and a very uncertain future regarding 5.45 availability, PSA is still going all-in on their PSAK-74 project. Fans of the platform were worried that the recent Russian ammo ban would be the final nail in the coffin for 5.45×39, but PSA is hedging their bets on another country picking up the supply to keep the caliber alive. AK-74s still have quite a bit of interest in the States, and as long as ammo is available one can expect that people will want the rifles as well. With virtually no 5.45 guns being imported at the moment, it really does seem to be up to PSA to fill that void. Hopefully, the mistakes seen on their first batch of AK-74s that were released last year have provided them with insight on how to make the necessary improvements. While the future of PSA AK-74s remains uncertain, the company recently teased on social media that their AK-105 pistol clone is set to release “VERY soon”.

PSA AK 105

Despite some speculation following the Russian ammo ban, it seems that AKs aren’t going anywhere in the American firearms market. PSA has demonstrated their dedication to the platform through their continued release of new and interesting AK rifles and accessories, and it doesn’t look like they plan on stopping anytime soon. From simple accessories like reproduction furniture and magazines to complete rifles, PSA likely has something of interest for every AK enthusiast out there.

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