Cugir Mini Draco: The Goldilocks AK Pistol

Cugir Mini Draco: The Goldilocks AK Pistol

If you think the Draco is too big, and the Micro Draco is too small, then the Cugir Mini Draco should be just right.


What Is A Cugir Mini Draco?

  • 7.62×39 AK Pistol
  • 7.75-Inch Chrome-Lined Barrel
  • Made In Cugir, Romania
  • Non-Standard Handguards
  • Standard AK Iron Sights
  • A2 Birdcage Flash Hider

We’ve already discussed Cugir’s Standard Draco and Micro Draco AK pistols, and there isn’t too much more that can be said about their intermediate-length Mini Draco. Cugir-made AKs are known for being rugged, reliable machines regardless of their barrel length. In terms of build-quality, I consider all of their models to be equal.

So, with three great AK pistol options available from Cugir, the only thing you have to ask yourself before buying one is how small do you want to go?

Mini Draco

Why The Mini Draco?

As with all things in weapons design, everything is a tradeoff. The Micro Draco is the king of compactness, but it comes at the cost of muzzle velocity and space to put your supporting hand. The standard Draco offers better ballistic performance and ergonomics but is not nearly as easy to stow away. The Mini Draco is the happy medium between these other two designs.

The Mini Draco has a slightly higher muzzle velocity than the Micro, and its handguards are larger as well. The shorter barrel and gas system compared to the standard model also makes the Mini much handier.

Standard Draco (top) versus Mini Draco (bottom).

Note that the included A2 flash hider adds a relatively significant amount of length to this little pistol. While this could be removed for extra compactness, 7.62×39 produces a lot of noise and muzzle flash when fired from a barrel this short so you will probably want to keep it on, if not replace it with an even more effective device.


Another advantage of the Mini Draco over the Micro is the sights. Micro Dracos have U-notch, Krinkov-esque sights on the dust cover that may be alright for quick-acquisition at close ranges, but the standard AK rear sight on the Mini will allow for much more accurate shooting.

7.62×39 loses minimal velocity out of short barrels, so the accuracy of the Mini Draco should still be sufficient to make good hits at medium ranges. Keep in mind that while the shorter barrel has little effect on mechanical accuracy, the shorter sight radius between the front and rear irons will result in lower practical accuracy when compared to a full-sized WASR or even a standard Draco.

The Mini Draco does not include a side-scope rail, so mounting optics will require a little more creativity.


Like the Micro, the Mini Draco also has a non-standard handguard, only of a different style. While the Micro’s handguard is carved into a hand or finger stop-type shape, the Mini’s are much plainer. The Micro handguard’s unique shape helps to prevent the shooter from injuring themselves with the super short barrel, but it can also inhibit reloads. The fat lip on its rear end hangs over the receiver, and it has the potential to crush your finger while rocking out an empty mag. This is not a problem on the Mini Draco.

As far as options for replacing the handguards, it is possible to modify a standard AKM-pattern set to fit if you don’t mind a little woodworking.

There are also a few aftermarket Mini Draco handguard options as well, most of which are tactical in nature and provide real estate for mounting accessories or optics.

Mini Draco with modded handguard.
Mini Draco with modified AKM handguards. Photo:User K20egcw on Reddit

All Cugir AK pistols have the potential to be both fun range toys and effective personal defense weapons. Which model you select out of the three available sizes is purely dependent on personal preference and what you plan on using it for. Each Draco comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, so for those who can’t make up their minds the Mini Draco will offer the best of both worlds.

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