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Jacob Grey TWC 9 feature

First Look: Jacob Grey TWC 9 Pistol

Jacob Grey has just announced the TWC 9, a double-stack 9mm 1911 pistol.

Everyday Carry Advice From 6 Experts

Six experts share their advice regarding the everyday carry self-defense handgun.

Four Versatile Handgun Loads To Have

If you keep these four handgun loads stocked for your self-defense pistol, your sidearm can be a much more versatile tool.
Taurus Judge TORO feature

First Look: Taurus Judge T.O.R.O.

Taurus has just released the Judge T.O.R.O., an optics-ready variant of the company’s .410/.45 LC revolver.

PSA Dagger Review: Does The Full-Size S Cut It In The Nightstand?

The author hits the range with a customized full-size PSA Dagger to see how it fares as a home defense pistol.

Kimber KDS9C Review: A Modernized 1911

The author hits the range with the Kimber KDS9C, a modern take on the classic 1911.

First Look: RIA 5.0E Pistol

Rock Island Armory has just announced the RIA 5.0E, sporting new features and enhancements over the original model. Earlier this year, Rock Island Armory released...
metal vs polymer guns feature

Frame Material: Metal Vs. Polymer Guns

Guns were once exclusively made of metal and wood, then came plastic. Which should your handgun’s frame be made out of?

Review: Springfield Prodigy DS Full-Size & Commander

The author reviews Springfield Armory’s 2011-style handgun line, including both the Springfield Prodigy 4.25-inch and the 5-inch model.
Glock 43X MOS feature

Glocked Up And Drilled Down

The author goes over a Glock G43X MOS that’s been setup for concealed carry as well as the Step Back Drill.
MCP35 PI LW feature

First Look: Girsan High Power MCP35 PI LW

Girsan is continuing to modernize the classic BHP design, this time with the High Power MCP35 PI LW.
Glock sight tool xs sights feature

Upgrading Glock Irons With XS Sights’ Installation Tool

Carry a Glock? Want to upgrade your iron sights? One of XS Sights’ Glock sight tools will help you do it.
daniel penny jordan neely

To Act Or Not To Act: The Good Samaritan Situation

A question that all good Samaritans should consider is whether they would intervene if a threat were to arise.
Tisas 1911A1 Aviator feature

First Look: Tisas 1911A1 Aviator Pistols

SDS Imports has just announced the 1911A1 Aviator pistol from Tisas, available in both 9mm and .45 ACP.

Understanding Handgun Recoil

A brief discussion on handgun recoil and how it impacts your shooting.