Personal Defense


What to Look for in a Home-Defense Handgun

Not all handguns are right for home defense. In fact, a nightstand gun is going to have a number of features that might make it unwieldy for many other forms of self-defense, such as concealed carry.

Handgun Review: New Ithaca 1911

Ithaca Gun Company will probably always be known for their slide-action Model 37 shotgun, but the company also produces world-class 1911s.

Concealed Carry Handguns: Taurus Curve Review

Taurus has done it again. This innovative Brazilian company revolutionized personal defense handguns when it introduced the big-bore Judge in 2010. This year they’ve provided us with a whole new “curve” on deep concealment .380s.

Market Trends: More Women Than Ever At Texas Gun Shows

Women have been packing gun shows in the Lone-Star State, and the ladies know what types of firearms they're looking for. Small concealed carry and personal defense handguns have ruled the roost with this fast-growing demographic of gun owners.

Beretta, Wilson Combat Team Up to Produce 92G Brigadier Tactical

Beretta and Wilson Combat have teamed up to produced an impressive version of the 92G. Check out this video to see what these companies have cooked up.

Video: Drawing a Handgun in a Vehicle

Having to defend yourself can happen anytime and anyplace – including inside a vehicle. This quick video shows you the basics of getting your gun out of its holster and into the fight while in a car or truck.
The Glock G42 has a traditional post front sight.

Glock 42 Review: Smaller May Be Better

In this Glock 42 review, Dave Workman concludes the little .380 ACP is a winner for concealed carry.

Master Defensive Handgun Shooting Practice

It’s not enough to own a gun and shoot it a few times a year. To be prepared to defend yourself and your family, regular handgun shooting practice is a must. Get the most from those sessions.

Tips for Women: Choosing a Semi-Automatic Handgun

Once so-called women’s guns were either revolvers—touted for ease of operation—or tiny, underpowered .22 or .32 semi-autos. Now, women can choose a semi-automatic handgun from an ever-growing selection, many designed for concealed carry.

Defensive Use of Tactical Shotguns

When it comes to shotguns, there has been a marked turn toward home-defense. Here's a few points about taking up the defensive shotgun for the protection of yourself, home or office.

Match Bullets, Accuracy in a Box

A precision rifle is half the equation when it comes to accuracy. The other half, top-notch ammo. There are a few things, however, that must be kept in mind when loading ammunition that will knock the heart out of the 10 ring.

Defend Yourself Book Offers Homeowners Confidence and Security

Preeminent firearms trainer Rob Pincus guides you through planning, training and defending yourself and your family from a violent threat inside the home.

Gun Digest Authors Signing Books at NRA Annual Meeting

Enjoy Gun Digest books? Here's your chance to meet some of our top authors in person with Gila Hayes, Massad Ayoob and Grant Cunningham signing books at the NRA's 2014 Annual Meeting & Exhibitions.

Market Trends: Women Shooters Leading Way in West

Firearms ownership has increased for nearly every demographic in America. For one California/Nevada retailer that has translated to a spike in women purchasing firearms.

Video: Handgun Training for Personal Protection Book Review

A thoughtful and balanced video review of Handgun Training for Personal Protection. Find out why this book, by author Richard Mann, is essential reading for anyone interested in concealed carry or handgun training for home defense.
Defensive shotgun ammunition

Bet Your Life on It! Defensive Shotgun Ammunition

To get everything out of a smooth bore when it matters most means feeding it the right loads. Here’s some top choices for defensive shotgun ammunition certain to come through in the most dire situations.


A complete directory of personal defense handguns, AR-15s, shooting drills, accessories and tactics to keep yourself and your family safe in an unsafe world. There is some crossover here with concealed carry (which has its own section here), but these articles are focused on survival, SHTF, prepping, home defense and more general personal safety afforded by personal defense guns. Also see: Gun ReviewsHandgunsRiflesShotgunsAR-15sConcealed Carry

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