New P320 AXG Pro from Sig Sauer


The P320 AXG Pro takes Sig’s most popular full-size 9mm and gives it an all-metal frame and modern features to bring this service pistol to the next level.


What’s New On The P320 AXG Pro?

  • AXG Metal Frame
  • XSeries Flat Trigger
  • Sig Pro-Cut Slide
  • XRAY3 Day/Night Sights
  • Optics Ready

The Sig Sauer P320 was released in 2014 and adopted as America’s new M17 service pistol in late 2017. This full-size, double-stack, striker-fired 9mm handgun has become an increasingly popular choice for shooters since its release, and Sig has already produced a few different P320 variants. The new P320 AXG Pro’s features are designed to make the P320 platform as nice shooting as possible by mitigating recoil, improving ergonomics, and adding modularity.

Sig AXG Pro


AXG Frame

The AXG in the P320 AXG Pro’s name stands for “Alloy XSeries Grip”, and it is one of the biggest deviations from the standard P320 design. Like most modern striker-fired pistols, the P320 is polymer-framed. Polymer certainly has its advantages, namely weight and cost, but a metal frame like the one found on the P320 AXG Pro will absorb more recoil and make for a softer-shooting gun.

Metal is obviously more durable as well, and it is more likely to survive being dropped off a building or being used as a melee weapon. At least for me, a metal gun will always feel better in the hand than a polymer one.

The AXG frame comes with black Hogue G10 grip and backstrap panels, a deep undercut, and an extended beavertail to improve the gun’s ergonomics.

The AXG magwell is detachable, giving the option for either easier reloads or a slimmer profile. The P320 AXG Pro also comes with two 17-round mags with Henning Group Aluminum basepads.

The included XSeries flat-faced trigger cleanly breaks at 90 degrees and has an improved reset for quicker, more accurate shooting.

XSeries Trigger

Pro-Cut Slide

Some of the weight added by the alloy frame is displaced by the lightning cuts that have been machined into the Sig Pro-Cut slide. The slide is full length to accommodate the 4.7-inch barrel and is cut to accept common pistol optics such as the Delta Point Pro, RMR, or Sig’s own ROMEO1Pro without the need for an adapter plate. The included iron sights are XRAY3 Day/Night sights which use a 3-dot Tritium system.

Optics Cut

The new P320 AXG Pro from Sig looks like a great option for someone who is already familiar with the P320 family of pistols and is looking for a performance model that can excel in either a competition or defensive role. These pistols are now available from retailers, but the MSRP has not been posted. They have been seen listed online for $1,199.99, however, so it seems that these upgrades come at a premium.

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