Sig Sauer Releases P365 In .380 ACP

Sig Sauer Releases P365 In .380 ACP

Sig has just released the P365-380, a new variant of their extremely popular CCW pistol now chambered for .380 ACP.

The Sig P365 has been incredibly popular since its release. Veteran concealed carriers and new gun owners alike were impressed by its shootability and capacity despite its small size. Chambered for 9mm, most individuals found the P365’s recoil to be manageable, but there are always people looking to defend themselves who have issues with things like grip strength. Targeting those who require their handgun to have lower recoil but would still like to carry a P365, Sig has just released the P365-380.

Sig 380 P365

Virtually identical to the standard 9mm model, the only substantial change on the P365-380 is its caliber, but that change yields more than one benefit. When it comes to managing the recoil of a small and light handgun, .380 ACP is obviously more controllable than 9mm, but the change in caliber has also resulted in a weaker recoil spring and lighter slide and barrel. This all adds up to a pistol that’s easier to rack and over 3-ounces lighter than its 9mm counterpart. Because the profile remains identical, however, the P365-380 will be compatible with all existing P365 holsters as well. Both the 9mm and .380 models utilize the same grip frame and fire control group too, and while Sig doesn’t outright claim it to be possible it stands to reason that one could swap the barrels, slides and magazines between the two without issue.

Sig P365 380

One more difference between the new P365-380 and the 9mm model is that the .380 version includes some upgrades as standard features right out of the box, including SIGTRON night sights and an optics-ready slide.

One area that hasn’t been improved in the P365-380 is capacity, as it features the same flush fit 10-round magazines as the 9mm version. Also, unlike the standard model, the P365-380 only has 10-round mags available. While Sig also makes extended 12 and 15-round mags for the 9mm model, so far, they haven’t said anything about doing the same for the new .380.

Sig 380 left

There will undoubtedly be people who are interested in getting a P365-380, but with pistols chambered for the recently introduced 30 Super Carry vying for much of the same market, time will tell just how popular the P365-380 will really be. It will be available either with or without a manual thumb safety and each gun will include two 10-round mags (one with a finger extension) and a magazine loader. MSRP will also be the same as the 9mm version at $499.99.

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