Video: Learning To Draw From Seated

Video: Learning To Draw From Seated

Given most of us spend the better part of our days with duffs firmly planted, learning to draw from a seated position is a key self-defense skill.

We all have a stereotype of how a self-defense scenario plays out. Take a moment and think about it. Was it dark? We’re you in familiar surroundings? Did you see the attack coming? How about this, were you sitting or standing?

It’s a safe guess that most folks pictured themselves drawing their handgun while standing. Perfectly casting aside a covering garment, a textbook stance, eye drilling into the threat. Fair enough, given most of us train and hone our handgun skills with our legs firmly planted beneath us. However, is this how most of us spend our days? Likely not. Tally up the time and chances are a greater percent our waking hours are spent with our duff firmly planted on a seat—car, office or otherwise. Given this, it becomes clear why learning to draw from a seat becomes a vital arrow in our handgun-skills quiver.

Jamey Caldwell, an instructor at 1-Minute Out and former special operator, goes over the basics of this unorthodox self-defense position in the above video. Rest assured, many of the fundamentals you’ve already learned in a proper draw and presentation apply when sitting. The rub, they become more challenging, given there are tighter quarters to work within and more obstacles to overcome. Just sitting on the tail of your jacket or sit almost locks you out from accessing your handgun.

It goes without saying, the only way around the impediments inherent to drawing from seated is practice, practice and more practice. And no, you don’t need to drag a folding chair to the range (though it might not hurt). A prime candidate for dryfire practice, it’s a skill easily honed at home.

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