8 Pieces Of Shooting Gear To Build A Top Range Bag

You need a bunch of extra gear to ensure quality trigger time when you head to the shooting range, which means you need to kit up a range bag.

Gear: Lighting It Up With A Laser Sight

Laser sights are powerful aiming tools in low-light defensive scenarios for those trained in their use.

New Gear: Bushnell’s New Laser Sight Options For The AR-15

Bushnell has taken a different tact in its tactical aiming solutions, releasing three new laser sight options for AR-15s, perfect for close-quarters action.

5 Great Online Shooting Resources To Up Your Game

Load up on the online shooting resources you need to stay on target.

4 Quick And Dirty Upgrades and Accessories To Deck Out Your AR-15

With a tweak here and there, the good old AR-15 can be all things to all shooters. But given its muzzle to buttstock adaptability, where should you start if you’re looking to trick your rifle out?

11 Serious Optics for Dangerous Game

Hunting dangerous game requires you to be on your toes, and that includes using some of the best glass possible for the job.

How-To: Properly Mounting a Scope on a Rifle

Mounting a scope on a rifle is one of those things that can seem fairly straightforward on the surface, but once you actually start doing it, it can go sideways very quickly.

What Are Your Options For AR Optics?

There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to optics for your AR. Make sure you choose the right one for the job.

Gun Gear: SIG Sauer LevelPlex Technology

SIG Electro-Optics’ LevelPlex sets new standards in long-range riflescopes.

4 Must-Have Tactical Shotgun Upgrades

Get the most out of your tactical shotgun with these easily installed and affordable upgrades that are certain to make your smoothbore even more vicious.

New Aimpoint Micro S-1 Draws a Bead on Wingshooters

AimPoint is shooting to be the go-to red dot for wing and clay shooters with its shotgun-specific Micro S-1 sight.

New Optic: Nikon’s 6-24x50SF BLACK X1000 IL X-MOA

Economically priced and long on features, Nikon's BLACK X1000 IL X-MOA riflescope looks to be an on-target long-range optic.

Gallery: Hot New AR Optics To Add Functionality To Your Rifle

Get the most out of your black rifle with these excellent new AR optics, many purposefully built for America’s favorite rifle.

Handgun Review: SIG Sauer P226 RX Optics-Equipped

The SIG Sauer P226 RX mates the excellent Romeo 1 red dot to the manufacturer’s classic defensive handgun.

How To: Creating a Custom Day/Night Ruger 10/22

In this custom build, a standard factory Ruger 10/22 is transformed into a suppressed predator and varmint slayer capable of daytime or nighttime operation.

New Gear: Nikon LaserForce Rangefinder Binoculars

Equipped with a powerful integrated laser rangefinder, the Nikon LaserForce Rangefinder Binoculars are designed to help hunters bring the long shot in.


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