New Guns And Gear Long-Range Edition 2020

New Guns And Gear Long-Range Edition 2020

Looking to reach out? From reloading bench to range, we've got the long-range gear to get you on target.

From competition to hunting, shooters are getting their rifles to reach out. But you need more than a precision iron to stay on target at extreme distances. We’ve gathered up some of the top long-range shooting gear to get to ensure you’re always sub-MOA no matter how far out.

What Long-Range Gear Will Get You On Target:

RCBS MatchMaster Powder Dispenser

Long-Range RBCS

There’s nothing so rewarding—and simultaneously time-consuming and occasionally frustrating—as loading precision ammunition. Trickling perfect loads makes for long hours. RCBS speeds up this process without compromising precision with its MatchMaster Powder Dispenser. Not just another electronic dispenser, this machine uses a twin-tube design to throw charges to within .10 grain in fewer than 20 seconds. That’s impressive, to say the least. Additionally, it boasts user-adjustable powder settings to tune its operation to particular propellants, along with adaptable feet, which makes shimming a thing of the past. Completely programmable and as precise as they come, the MatchMaster should be on every serious long-range reloader’s bench. MSRP: $1,082;

Vortex 1000 Rangefinder

Long-Range Vortex

A key factor in connecting at long-range? Knowing the range. Vortex makes this vital piece of data easier than ever to collect with its new 1000 Rangefinder. As its name suggests, the device delivers measurements out to 1,000 yards on reflective targets and produces nearly equally impressive results on nonreflective targets: 500 to 800 yards, depending on the surface. Overall, that makes it a regular jack-of-all-trades—good for ranging a gong way out for that trophy elk. Additionally, this smallish rangefinder has angle compensation, continuous reading and easy-to-use controls. All in all, it’s a snap to use in the field. MSRP: $270;

Timney Impact Trigger

Long-Range Timney

Among the quickest and most effective upgrades to a rifle—long-range or otherwise—is a quality trigger. Timney has an option that’s perfect for those who want a lot of performance for a small price. A single-stage trigger, the Impact trips at a meager 3 to 4 pounds and is crisp on its break. All components are encased in a lightweight, aluminum alloy housing. The hammer is wire-EDM machined from S7 tool steel that combines hardness to resist wear with superior impact resistance to withstand heavy use without chipping or breaking. Other components are EDM cut from A2 tool steel and then heat-treated to Rc 56-60 for a long service life. MSRP: $135;

Leupold Performance Eyewear

Long-Range Leupold Eyeware

Producing crystal-clear optics that shooters have trusted for decades, it makes sense that Leupold would turn its expertise to eyewear. We shooters are lucky it has, because its line of performance eyewear is designed for the most rugged use and to enhance your shooting experience. The lenses boast infused polarization that eliminates glare to deliver flawless images—whether you’re looking through a scope or scanning the field. A diamond-tough, scratch-resistant coating on ANSI Z87.1+ lenses ensures the glasses’ integrity through the toughest abuse you can dish out. These glasses are available in five styles—and, if you need it, the lenses can also be ground to your prescription. MSRP: Starting at $129;

Ulfhednar UH303 Sling

Long-Range Ulfhednar

Precision rifle shooters know that keeping a rifle rock steady is key to consistent accuracy. Ulfhednar’s UH303 Sling has been designed to help steady your shots quickly and easily. Featuring PRS non-elastic web and adjustable cam-buckle, the sling length can be adjusted quickly from rifle carrier to a support. One of the two solid-plastic clamps adjusts the total length of the loop; the other locks the loop around the arm. Together, they ensure that once an adjustment has been made, it’ll stay there until you physically change it. For target-shooting or big game, it’s an indispensable tool. MSRP: $160;

Primary Arms GLx 4-16x50mm FFP Mil-Dot Riflescope

Primary Arms

Optics, not guns, can prove the prohibitive factor to precision shooting. A purveyor of solid, long-range aiming solutions, optics manufacturer Primary Arms has come out with a doozy in 2020: the GLx 4-16x50mm. It has more than enough magnification to handle most precision shooting situations and is enhanced with a light-gobbling 50mm objective lens. What’s more, it’s a first focal plane scope, which means you can utilize Primary Arms’ mil-dot reticle perfectly, no matter how high or low you have it dialed. New in this line are enhanced locking turrets with a return to zero, AutoLive motion-sensing reticle illumination and a hardened steel-on-steel adjustment system. All that,and there’s still money left over for ammo. MSRP: $700;

Gear Up!:

Swarovski NL Pure

Long-Range Swarovski

After nearly 11 years in development, powerhouse optics maker Swarovski has released its NL Pure binocular line with unique ergonomics, wider field of view and tack-sharp image definition. The new binos sport an interesting, slimmed-down barrel that gives the user a slimmer hold to alleviate many of the cramps and discomfort that come with using an optic for long periods. Additionally, the famed optics maker is releasing three variants—8×42, 10×42 and 12×42—giving you the perfect set for any operation. Interestingly, all are the same size. Finally, a new mechanical system works with the internal prisms and downsized barrels to maintain Swarovski’s legendary image quality but creates a more comfortable and immersive glassing experience for the user. These are the real deal, whether for glassing for high-country elk or pinning down your last grouping. MSRP: $3,299;

Remington R2Mi

Long-Range Remington

Have a passion for long range that the average 6mm or 6.5mm isn’t satisfying? Shake hands with the Remington R2Mi bolt-action rifle. This behemoth brings all the inherent ballistic advantages of .50 BMG and also offers a number of intriguing design points to put it on target. Situated on the left of the receiver, the bolt handle allows the right-handed shooter to operate with their support hand, thus not breaking position when cycling. It boasts a Lothar Walther free-floated, match-grade barrel, an eight-groove bore with a 1:15 twist and an ACC muzzle brake, which accepts a Cyclops suppressor. The receivers are made of machined, aircraft-grade aluminum and mated with a vented handguard. MSRP: $4,999;

Woox Furiosa Chassis

Long-Range Woox copy

A unique option for precision marksmen, the Furiosa Chassis is a hybrid option that combines the best that wood and aluminum have to offer. At its heart is a rigid metal frame, providing the stout platform required to put distance shots on target again and again. This is augmented by a hardwood skin that gives it the look and feel of a traditional rifle stock; it also goes a way to improve the chassis’ performance. Of course, it comes with the features most shooters look for in a chassis—an adjustable buttstock and M-Lok compatibility. But, with the choice of walnut or Midnight Gray composite, the Furiosa turns your precision Remington 700, Tikka T3 or Sauer 100 into a head-turner. MSRP: $900;

CMMG Endeavor in 6mm ARC

Long-Range Endevor

Hornady’s 6mm ARC is intriguing … but you need a little something to launch it from. Ever cutting-edge, CMMG chambers its Endeavor rifle for the ballistically talented precision cartridge. A mainstay in tack-driving semi-autos, the AR-style rifle is decked out with a number of accuracy-enhancing features. Prime among these is a 20-inch heavy barrel, fully adjustable Magpul PRS buttstock and SV Brake. When it comes to the trigger, CMMG outfits the iron with the Geissele Automatics SSA two-stage model—a favorite among competitors and others who take a pristine trigger break deadly seriously. Want a rifle to take the 6mm ARC the distance? Look no further. MSRP: $1,800;

MTM Case-Gard Tactical Rifle Case

Long-Range MTM

If you’ve invested a couple of grand into a shooter meant to clip the rear off a gnat at 1,000 paces, you need something to protect that investment. The MTM Case-Gard Tactical Rifle Case gives you peace of mind that your top-end iron is safe and sound when on the go. In addition to an impact-resistant exterior shell and sturdy eggshell foam interior to protect your rifle from any dings, built-in nylon straps keep your gun from shifting around. Four exterior clasps keep the case locked tight, and multiple locking points ensure it can’t be pried open by some malcontent. In addition, tie-down points make the case a snap to carry on an ATV or other vehicle. MSRP: $73;

Hoppe’s Gun Vise

Long-Range Hoppes

As important as fundamental marksmanship, proper care of your long-range rifle is key to staying on target at a country mile. Jags, brushes and cleaning rods are obvious must-haves for the task, but so is a solid platform on which to work. Hoppe’s, the purveyor of tried-and-true No. 9 Solvent, has pieced together an excellent workspace in its Gun Vise. Dual lockable sides keep your firearms in place while you tinker away, and interior padding ensures the integrity of your gun’s finish. Furthermore, storage compartments keep lubricant, solvent, cleaning equipment and small, easy-to-lose gun parts in order and in reach. Chemical-resistant, the polymer vise is constructed for long and hard use, ensuring you always have a place to keep your favorite firearms in working order. MSRP: $69.99;

Hornady 6mm ARC 108-grain ELD Match

Long-Range Hornady copy

If it hasn’t hit your radar yet, Hornady has released a new long-range round. As to performance, the 6mm ARC does a lot with a little. Hornady’s 108-grain ELD Match kicks a bullet 2,750 fps at the muzzle that only drops 44.8 inches at 500 yards. Side to side, this is 3 inches fewer than the company’s 168-grain, match .308 round at the same distance. At the same tick, it maintains its velocity better than the .30-caliber, moving 1,971 feet at the 500-yard mark and staying supersonic well past 1,000 yards. This is an advantage for soldiers, as well as for anyone who has a yen to reach out while hunting, target shooting or otherwise. MSRP: $24 (box of 20);

Speer Gold Dot 150-Grain .308 Winchester

Long-Range Speer

Long-range-capable rifles seem to be pigeon-holed for purely target-shooting pursuits. However, there are other applications. For the ones pulling duty for personal defense, Speer has cooked up potent fodder certain to neutralize any threat—both two- and four-legged. A regular tooth-chipper, the company’s 150-grain .308 option is topped with a Uni-Core bonded bullet and loaded hot. At the muzzle, Speer lists its velocity at 2,820 fps … which should get the most out of the .414 BC bullet. The projectile has an excellent expansion profile and is designed to hold together, creating a continuous and devastating wound channel. If you turn to an AR-10 or other .30-caliber rifle to protect your homestead, this one should be in the chamber. MSRP: $31 (box of 20);

The article originally appeared in the 2020 Long-Range issues of Gun Digest the Magazine.


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