WOOX Expands Their Precision Rifle Stock Line With The Cobra

WOOX Expands Their Precision Rifle Stock Line With The Cobra

WOOX precision rifle stocks are known for combining functionality with class, and their new Cobra thumbhole stock is no different.

WOOX precision rifle stocks use a combination of premium wood and machined aluminum to improve your rifle’s ergonomics, accuracy and aesthetics with one simple upgrade. Their three previous models had varying levels of adjustability, but all used traditional profile rifle stocks. Now WOOX’s newest option, the Cobra, brings a thumbhole option to their line of precision rifle stocks that was designed specifically for precision shooters and long-range hunters. Compatible with several models of popular bolt actions plus the Ruger 10/22, the WOOX Cobra is a fine addition to their lineup of precision rifle stocks.

WOOX Cobra

The WOOX Advantage

Installing a WOOX precision rifle stock is as simple as dropping in the action, as no bedding or extra pillars are required to achieve its high potential for accuracy. Once your rifle of choice has been installed into the Cobra Precision Stock, several things happen to help improve accuracy. Firstly, the Cobra enables you to adjust both the length of pull and the cheek riser height to achieve a perfect fit with the shooter. The improved ergonomics should benefit practical accuracy as well as dampen the recoil impulse. The rifle’s mechanical accuracy should also be improved by the Cobra’s ability to free float the barrel, and front and rear rail segments for monopods or bipods should help make the shot easier as well.

WOOX Cobra American Walnut

Cobra Options

Cobra precision rifle stocks are available for several different rifle models and in two different kinds of wood. Custom made using “old world” Italian and American craftsmanship, the Cobra can be ordered for use with several kinds of Remington 700, Savage 110, Tikka T3, Sauer 100, Howa 1500 and the Ruger 10/22. The wood can either be American walnut or “Premium Tiger Wood” laminate, and the chassis can be ordered in either a left or right hand configuration.

WOOX Cobra Tiger Wood

The new WOOX Cobra precision rifle stocks have MSRPs of $699 for the American walnut version and $749 for the “Tiger Wood” model. They are available now but have an estimated lead time of two weeks due to their custom nature.

For more on WOOX, please visit wooxstore.com.

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