Senate to Vote on Kagan For Supreme Court Soon


Elena KaganThe 13-6 vote was not a surprise.  Democrats outnumber Republicans 12-7 on the committee, and their ranks include the anti-gun extreme wing of their party, such as Charles Schumer, Dianne Feinstein and Dick Durbin.

Six Republicans opposed Kagan, with only turncoat Lindsey Graham of South Carolina voting to confirm the anti-gunner.  

As this important battle moves to the Senate floor, it is important to keep the heat on all Senators — especially Democrats coming from rural states who claim to support the Second Amendment.  

If a handful of these Senators vote NO on Kagan, her confirmation could be defeated.

While Kagan does not have a record of judicial opinions, her views on the Second Amendment are no mystery.  Some things that have come to light since her nomination include:  

While serving in the Clinton administration, Kagan drafted an executive order to ban certain semi-automatic firearms;

As a law clerk, she advised against the Supreme Court considering Sandidge v. United States in a case that questioned the constitutionality of the D.C. gun ban, writing that she was "not sympathetic" to the gun owner's Second Amendment claims; and

* Kagan was also part of the Clinton team that pushed the firearms industry to include gun locks with all gun purchases and was in the Clinton administration when the President pushed legislation that would close down gun shows. Read more

Source: Gun Owners of America

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