Savage Arms Introduces Slew Of New Left-Handed Rifle Models

Savage Arms Introduces Slew Of New Left-Handed Rifle Models

With six new left-handed rifle models slated for release in 2018, southpaws have plenty of reason to check out Savage Arms.

What are some of Savage's new left-handed rifle options available for shooters?

  • Savage will release left-handed 10/110 BA Stealth and Stealth Evolution models.
  • Left-handed Model 110 Storm, Model 110 Tactical rifles will also be available.
  • The rimfire B17 and B22 will also be offered in left-handed models this year.
  • Shooters now have 20 left-handed rifle models to choose from at Savage.
  • The rifles will boast all the usual Savage features — AccuTrigger and AccuStock.

Sinister shooters rejoice! Savage Arms is adapting to your wrong-handed ways. That’s correct, the Massachusetts gunmaker is going left-handed in a big way with a rather extensive expansion of its southpaw-friendly options.

Savage-First - left-handed rifle

In all, Savage will unveil six new left-handed rifle models at the Jan. 23-26, 2018 SHOT Show in Las Vegas. And there is good reason for the company to reverse the controls and stock contours of its rifles. There are plenty of lefties out there who would give their right hand to work a bolt positioned where they can operate it naturally.

As Savage points out, around 10 percent of the American population is left handed, making the right-hand-dominant gun market somewhat a pain to adapt to — just like spiral notebooks. But Savage envisions helping more than just lefties with its expansion.

“Then there are those who are right-handed, but left-eye dominant,” the company’s firearms senior brand manager Jessica Treglia said. “These hunters and shooters greatly benefit from a left-handed firearm, and Savage is proud to supply them with dependable and accurate left-handed choices.”

The left-handed rifle models Savage will introduce this year include its chassis 10/110 BA Stealth and Stealth Evolution, long-action Model 110 Storm and Model 110 Tactical, and rimfire B17 and B22. This swells the company’s lefty rifle selection to 20 models, and gives shooters a caliber choice from .17 HMR to .338 Lupua Mag. Not to mention, it gives southpaws the ability to match rifle configuration to application — be it hunting, target shooting or tactical operations.

While the bolt has been reversed on new left-handed rifle models, the rest of what makes a Savage rifle a Savage is still in place. Lefties will continue to enjoy the company’s accurate button-rifled barrels and in many cases the AccuTrigger adjustable trigger and AccuStock embedded frame system. Conveniently, the tang safety and magazine release on the front of the trigger guard makes this conversion a simple one for Savage.

“One of the keys to Savage Arms achieving an impressive stronghold in the firearms industry over the past two decades has been the company’s ability to dominate niche markets,” Treglia said. “Savage’s ever-expanding selection of left-handed firearms is an excellent example of this strategy in action.”


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  1. “Sinister”? “wrong-handed”? Not cool, man.

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