Police Say Man Shot, Killed Stepfather After Threats with Ax


ROAN MOUNTAIN — A Roan Mountain man shot and killed his stepfather on the back porch of his residence Friday morning after he said his stepfather threatened to break into his house with an ax and cut off his and his wife’s head, according to police.

The initial investigation by the Carter County Sheriff’s Department indicated the man was trying to break into the home when he was shot by the homeowner.

Carter County deputies Lt. Patrick Johnson and Sgt. Kenny Cornett responded at 12:18 a.m. to a call about an intruder trying to break into the residence at 309 Sawdust Trail. Upon arrival, the deputies found Gary D. Parker, 46, 305 Sawdust Trail lying on the back porch. He was suffering from a single gunshot wound to the head A short time later the Carter County Rescue Squad arrived and the paramedics were unable to find any signs of life.

A sheriff’s department news release said the investigation revealed that Parker had been “very confrontational, threatening and belligerent with his neighbors for some time.” Witness statements and evidence at the scene indicated that Parker was trying to break into the residence of Jonathan and Ashley Townson at 309 Sawdust Trail. Parker was said to be using an ax to break in.

Parker allegedly threatened the Townsons saying “he had an ax and was going to cut their heads off,” after he had broken through the back door. Townson had a rifle in the residence and he used it to shoot and kill Parker, according to the sheriff’s department release. Read more

Source: Johnsoncitypress.com

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