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Champion shooter Cory Kruse's tips for sporting clays success. Tactics for finding your break zone and game planning a station for greater sporting clays success.
When you really need a short, handy AR-15, nothing beats an SBR truck gun.
Working the trigger of a double-action revolver quickly and accurately isn’t rocket science, but there is a learning curve.
Before you crack into the gas system proper, it's good practice to check the status of your gas rings.
Informal tests might suggest an AR's gas system is to blame for a carbine's issues, but there are false positives that can muck up troubleshooting efforts.
Handgun not running right? Your lubrication regime may be to blame. Find out the rules of thumb to keep your gun a well-oiled machine.
To troubleshoot an AR gas system, the first step is figuring out if the gas system is to blame.
The Modern Shooter team gets world-class trap shooting advice from world-record holder Dave Miller.
Most AR rifles utilize a direct impingement gas-operated system to cycle. Understanding it is key to troubleshooting this vital system.
The bullet’s bearing surface — the portion of the bullet that contacts the rifling in the barrel — directly correlates to the amount of pressure generated within your barrel, and it can have a definite effect on accuracy.
Full-sized pistols have a distinct advantage for training, particularly for beginning shooters.
Competitive Shooting definitely can help advance handgun skills for self-defense, within reason.
Determining your hold point at a sporting clays station get you in the position for success.
In handgun training, learning to maximize your field of view is as key as proper trigger discipline. After all, you can't hit what you can't see.
You can still practice the majority of your draw stroke even at ranges that don’t allow you pull from your holster.