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5 Affordable Over/Under Shotguns Worth A Shot (2022)

Over/Under shotguns can tend to run a pretty penny. But there are some affordable double-barreled gems nearly any shooter can work into their budget
80 percent lower jig feature

The 80 Percent Lower Jig Buyer’s Guide

You can’t finish your 80 percent build without an 80 percent lower jig to show you where to cut.

Nothing Beats Shot Placement

Shot placement, or where you put your bullets, will always be more important than the caliber or gun when it comes to self-defense.

Firearms Training For The Family

Private or open-enrollment firearms training courses make the perfect family bonding experience.
Blade Show West

BLADE Show West Set To Take Over Salt Lake City

Makers and knife aficionados from around the globe are set to descend on Salt Lake City for Blade Show West in October.

From Filament To Firearm: The 3D Printed Gun

For many, the idea of a 3D printed gun remains taboo and mysterious, but they’re still legal to build in the U.S. and are becoming a bastion for gun rights around the world.
Range Time Steel Target 4

Banging Away With Range Time Targets

Range Time Targets ... full-throttle purveyors of that sweet, sweet PING! The sweet sound of PING! Once you’ve experienced...

Couples Counseling For Concealed Carriers

If you’re a concealed carrier and have a partner, you could both likely benefit from practicing more effective communication in high-stress environments.
History of Henry Rifles Feature

The History Of Henry

The history of Henry rifles is intrinsically tied to the taming of the American frontier, so let’s take a deeper look at the first commercially successful lever-action.

Building A “Ghost Gun:” An 80 Percent Lower Buyer’s Guide

Despite recent rule changes, building “ghost guns” is still legal and nothing to be spooked about. With an 80 percent lower, some tools and elbow grease, you too can own an unserialized firearm.

Simple 1911 Upgrades

These simple 1911 upgrades can improve the feel and performance of your 1911 with little to no hand-fitting required.

What Is A Zip Gun? Should You Make One? 

Homemade firearms have come a long way thanks to technologies like 3D printing, but the crude zip gun remains a timeless beacon of 2A rights.

1,000 Yards In Two Days

Update your long-range shooting skills in a short weekend.

The Defense Of Others

Knowing when to intervene with deadly force and when to not.

Tactical Revolver Reloads: The Speed Strip

The use of a speed strip is an excellent way to expedite tactical revolver reloads, but they require some skill to properly use.

Hot Trends In Precision Rifle Shooting

Things change, and precision rifle shooting is no different. Here’s a look at the latest long-range trends gaining popularity across the United States.


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