suppressor alignment rod feature

Check Once, Fire Lots: Suppressor Alignment Rods

The author highlights the importance of using a suppressor alignment rod, a simple piece of steel that will save you heartache.
classic defensive pistols feature

Three Classic Defensive Pistols That Still Do Their Job

A look at three semi-old school, middle-aged pistols that still work great for self-defense.
Dillon Wrench Rack feature

Hardware Talk: Dillon Wrench Rack Set

Organization is the universal tool every gun room and reloading bench requires, and the Dillon wrench rack set helps with that.
team tactics feature

Practice Or Panic: Team Tactic Basics For Couples And Families

If you and your loved ones expect to keep cool in an emergency, you need to practice team tactics.
ballistics handbook barrels feature

The Barrel: An Excerpt From The Ballistics Handbook

This excerpt from The Ballistics Handbook discusses barrels, twist rates and how they influence bullet flight from muzzle to target.
Double Action Reactive Targets feature

Range Gear Spotlight: Double Action Reactive Targets

A quick look at Double Action Reactive Targets, self-sealing polymer targets that change color at the point of impact.
cz 75 feature

The Czech CZ 75: Past, Present And Future

The author takes a closer look at the past, present and future of the CZ 75, the timeless Czech wonder nine.
springfield m1903 feature

Classic Gun Review: Springfield M1903 Mark 1

The author reviews the classic Springfield M1903 Mark 1, a historic gem still capable of producing impressive results.
Qualification Drills feature

The Dangerous Ambiguity Of Qualification Drills

The author debunks some dangerous assumptions that surround qualification drills and what they really mean.
Get the lead out feature

Gun Cleaning: Get The Lead Out

A look at the author’s simple recipe for getting all the lead out when cleaning a gun.
Dads gun feature

Dad’s Last Gun: From Steel To Plastic

Father and son shared a lifetime of firearms experiences. But in the end, there was one piece of unfinished business.
faxon firearms 10-22 feature

Building A Custom 10/22 With Faxon Firearms

Building a tack-driving 10/22 is easier than ever, especially with a little help from companies like Faxon Firearms.
Modify Your Carry Gun feature

Should You Modify Your Carry Gun?

If you modify your carry gun, will it work against you in court if you’re forced to use it defensively?
XS Sight Pusher feature

Leave No Trace: The XS Sight Pusher

If you’re tired of dinging up your handguns while messing with their sights, it’s time to take a look at the XS Sight Pusher.
steel vs paper targets feature

Handgun Training: Steel Vs. Paper Targets

Which is better for sharpening your handgun skills, steel or paper targets?