Thief Shot in Head; Police Probing Whether it was Justifiable


The attempted theft of a Wave runner led a juvenile to kill the suspected thief with a shotgun.

Miami-Dade police are investigating whether a juvenile armed with a shotgun was justified in killing an intruder who tried to steal his family’s wave runner.

During the confrontation, the unidentified juvenile shot Reynaldo Muñoz, 20, in the head, and he died at the scene, police said. Muñoz’s girlfriend has been charged with felony murder for her participation in a crime that caused the death of another.

The attempted burglary happened about 2:30 p.m. Saturday when Muñoz and Carolina Lopez, 19, drove to Pelican Marine Harbor Marina in Miami Shores. He parked his truck, and Muñoz put his own Wave runner in the water, navigating it to a waterfront home at 9275 N. Bayshore Avenue.

Police said he then jumped into the water and started walking along a concrete seawall onto the property. As he removed the family’s Wave runner, he was “confronted by the homeowner who armed himself with a shotgun in an attempt to protect his family,’’ the police affidavit said. Read more


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