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Carrying concealed is a serious responsibility. At Gun Digest, we provide you with the most current and useful information for you to carry on. Catch up on the latest news, reviews and tips related to personal defense.

We trace the lineage of today’s top pistols and revolvers to determine which firearms helped shape our modern conception of what a handgun should be.
Massad Ayoob outlines a five-point checklist of things a righteous shooter needs to establish as soon as possible after the use of deadly force.
Here's some of the hottest now holsters and guns set to make concealed carry all the more practical and useful.
Keeping magazines in tip-top shape is imperative, especially for a defensive pistol or rifle. Here is a simple system that keeps them running right.
Colt's new Wiley Clapp Lightweight Commander lives up to the prestige of prior models, offering all the features a shooter needs and looking good in the process.
Kimber has continued to expand the K6s line of compact revolvers, releasing five new models that improve the design's functionality and give it an even more appealing look.
The past year has been good for the development of several excellent semi-auto pistols. Here’s our look at a few of the best new semi-autos brought out within the last year or so.
The new Walther Creed expands on the German manufacturer's lineup by offering a value-priced polymer-framed pistol with tons of great features.
Colt has updated its venerable Combat Commander for 2017. With tons of modern, upgraded features, this gun is ready for the range or holsters everywhere.


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