SHOT Show Tactical 2010: Schmidt & Bender Goes Ceramic Tan


I spent some time talking with Stephan Kern of Schmidt & Bender about their new ceramic-coated Police Marksman II 5-25 x 56 PM II/LP/MTC/LT scope.

The German company had strewn signage all around the floor of SHOT Show 2010 depicting this tan-colored matte-finish tactical scope, and I couldn't wait to get a closer look.

Here's the information on this scope from Schmidt & Bender's website:

True 2000-meter capability. Unlike most long-range variables thatoffer only a 4x magnification multiple, the 5-25 x 56 provides a full 5x and a wider field of view.

Parallax adjustment in a separate turret, completely adjustable from 10 meters to infinity.

The illuminated reticle has 11 graduated settings offeringprecise control relative to ambient light. The scope includes Schmidt & Bender's unique color-coded “Double Turn” elevation knob that gives the shooter instant reference to where the elevation is set.

The entire 100-minute adjustment range can be covered in just two turns of the knob. The user will never become “lost” within the adjustment range.

Now, after I got done drooling over the scope's new flat earth ceramic finish, Kern demonstrated the scope's extremely tight (read, precise) turret adjustments, which are designed to give the shooter a ready reference to dial up and then easily return to zero. You always know how many revolutions you've made – a handy feature.

Here are some more details:

  • Main tube: 34 mm diameter light alloy
  • Surface finish: shock-resistant ceramic coating
  • Illuminated reticle in the 1st or 2nd focal plane
  • Elevation adjustment with MTC, double turn and tactile plane
  • Elevation and windage turrets with locking function
  • Zero Stop: elevation stop function in the zero position
  • Zero Click: tactile click of the windage zero position
  • Parallax compensation from 10m to infinity

More information:

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Corey Graff is the managing editor of the <i><a href="">Standard Catalog of Firearms</a></i> and <i><a href="">Gun Digest</a></i> annual book. In addition, he is the author of <i>What's In Your Bug-Out Bag?</i> and <i>The Comprehensive Guide to Concealed Carry Holsters.</i> His personal interest in firearms includes handguns for hunting and self-defense as well as bolt-action rifles for western hunting.


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