Iowa Upgrades to Shall-Issue Concealed Carry Law


Iowa upgrades to shall-issue concealed carryIowa has historically been a “may issue” state, meaning that decisions on whether to issue an individual a permit to carry a weapon were made at the local level at the sheriff’s discretion, with inconsistencies among counties.

Senate File 2379 makes Iowa a “shall issue” state in which individuals will be granted weapon permits unless they meet certain criteria for denial.

“I am signing this bill because I believe there doesn’t need to be any conflict between the freedom to carry firearms and public safety,” Governor Culver said during a signing ceremony at the State Capitol. “Instead, I believe that law-abiding citizens who are placed in situations in which their life and property are threatened should be able to protect themselves, and their families. When firearms are used properly by people who are trained in their use, public safety can increase in terms of crime prevention.” Read more


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