Texas: Online Application Available For Concealed Carry Permits


Texas CCW apps available online“At this time, although supplemental materials (such as citizenship documents and criminal history) are still required to be mailed in, completing the application form online and submitting digital scanned fingerprints will alleviate much of the application processing delays,” the Wilson County News reported.

Traditional ink fingerprints are fine, too, but must be mailed.

“Completing the application form online is convenient for applicants and will allow us to process applications faster,” said RenEarl Bowie, the Assistant Director, Regulatory Licensing for the Department of Public Safety. “We are excited to offer this online service to concealed handgun applicants and hope they take advantage of the online application process.”

“Also starting on May 1: applicants for [concealed carry permit] renewals will no longer have to submit fingerprints, and applicants with a valid Texas ID or Driver License will no longer have to provide photos for renewal.”

Source: TX online app, Wilson County News 4/29/10

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