First Look: B&T 16-Inch SPC9 Carbine


B&T USA has just announced the 16-inch SPC9 Carbine, a new variant of their 9mm SPC9 PCC.

SPC9 stands for “Special Purpose Carbine 9”, and it’s a new line of 9mm firearms released by B&T earlier this year. When originally shown, the SPC9 series only consisted of short-barrel PCC-style models, but B&T has just announced the release of a new 16-inch SPC9 Carbine variant.

BT SPC9 carbine

Like the other models in the SPC9 series, the new SPC9 Carbine combines the best features of the B&T APC9, H&K MP5 and AR-15 weapons systems. The result is a 9mm carbine that B&T claims to be supremely light, reliable, safe and modular.

A primary reason for the SPC9’s handling qualities stems from B&T’s hydraulic buffer system. The system not only reduces recoil, but also increases accuracy and allows for faster follow-up shots. It also puts less wear on the internals of the firearm and any optics mounted on it, making the SPC9 a great choice for competition shooters or anyone who puts a high round count through their PCCs.

BT SPC9 buffer system
This diagram shows the B&T hydraulic buffer system in a shorter-barreled SPC9 model.

Jon Scott, Vice President of Sales at B&T USA, said this about the SPC9 Carbine:

The new 16-inch barreled SPC9 is a PCC competitors dream — the carbine is incredibly flat shooting, handles like a race car and has minimal recoil thanks to B&T’s effective hydraulic buffer system…We expect the SPC9 16-inch to dominate both at home and on the competitive field, thanks to an ideal formula of features. Those in search of a premium home defense solution would be well served by this very lightweight, well balanced and incredibly easy to shoot well platform — flatteringly so. Most importantly the SPC9 has a proven record of reliability, produced by a company who has built its reputation on being dependable in the most austere conditions imaginable.

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