New Guns And Gear April 2022

New Guns And Gear April 2022

Looking for a new iron or piece of kit to enhance the one you already own? Check out these 7 new bits of guns and gear to grow your firearms wish list.

The New Guns And Gear:

Rock Island Armory STK100 Striker-Fired Pistol

Rock Island SKT100 guns and gear
Best known for its relatively affordable and well-built 1911 pistols, Rock Island Armory has seemed to buck recent trends. And, despite jumping into the striker-fired pistol market, the Filipino company still is. That’s because the STK100 isn’t your ordinary striker-fired. Built around an aluminum frame, the 17-round 9mm offers the advantages of metal—such as a bit more heft for excellent recoil mitigation. Further enhancing the pistol is a beavertail that helps facilitate a fundamental high grip, positive grip texturing, a Picatinny accessories rail and front and rear cocking serrations. The STK100 also comes optic-ready, with a slide cut for the addition of a red-dot.
MSRP: $599

Federal Premium Shorty Force X2

Federal shotshells
When shotgun firepower is at a premium, Federal’s newest shotshell delivers without compromise. The Shorty Force X2 might only measure 1.75 inches in length, but it serves up a lethal payload of Federal’s segmented buckshot. Six of them to be exact. Designed to split upon impact, the shot has the potential to create 12 devastating wound channels—which is more than enough to neutralize a threat. What’s more, the unique projectiles lessen the chance of pass through, thus collateral damage, making them fit for CQB and home defense. Not to mention, for most guns, it nearly doubles capacity.
MSRP: $29/Box Of 10

Standard Manufacturing Toros Coppola T4

Toros guns and gear april
Benelli’s M1014 shotgun is proven—used by the Marine Corps—but costly. However, Standard Manufacturing offers up the same combat-proven technology at a fraction of the price in its slick Toros T4 12-gauge. Aside from its tactical features—such as ghost-ring sight, 5.25-inch Picatinny rail and pistol grip—the scattergun’s biggest draw is digesting whatever it’s fed. Based on the Italian system, the gas-driven gun chews through both high- and low-wall brass, making it extremely versatile for home defense. Additionally, the Toros is as reliable as tomorrow morning—able to take its licks and still deliver punishment trigger pull after trigger pull.
MSRP: $899

Crimson Trace Micro Pro RAD Electronic Sight

Crimson Trace
Once known only for its on-target laser sights, Crimson Trace has expanded its horizons to optics in recent years—much to the benefit of shooters. Case in point: its Micro Pro RAD reflex optic. Among the most compact options on the market today, the aluminum-housed red-dot is ideal for EDC pistols or the heater you keep in your bedstand—just in case something goes bump in the night. With a highly visible 3-MOA dot and multi-coated lens, the aim solution offers extremely fast and intuitive target acquisition. And, its CT Radiant Ambient Light Sensor and CT Motion Sensor get the optic into the fight as soon as you are.
MSRP: $275

Trijicon RMRcc

Trijicon Guns and Gear April
It’s difficult to study a Trijicon optic and not walk away amazed. Take the company’s RMRcc: At 1 ounce in weight and 1 inch in width and height, the red-dot is as inconspicuous as honesty in a politician. Yet, the red-dot outperforms nearly everything on the market. Meticulously tested to meet military standards, the reflex optic is as rugged as they come. And with brilliantly clear coated glass, the unit delivers an unparalleled aiming window, with its 3- and 6.5-MOA aiming dots getting you on target fast.
MSRP: $699

Hornady Security RAPiD Safe Shotgun Wall Lock

Hornady Guns and gear april
A homeowner’s conundrum: How do you keep a firearm secure, yet within reach? Hornady has put plenty of thought into the problem and has cooked up a fairly elegant answer—the RAPiD Safe Shotgun Wall Lock. Mounting directly to a wall, the 14-gauge steel box keeps a defensive smoothbore under lock and key when not needed. Yet, at a moment’s notice, the RFID system puts the gun in your hands. And you needn’t worry if you don’t have the fob or bracelet key at hand, with a backup six-digit code and a physical key unlocking the unit.
MSRP: $275

Mossberg 590S Series

Mossberg 5690S Shockwave
Among the most trusted names in defensive shotguns, Mossberg has only continued to improve on its already stellar legacy. The 590S series of 12-gauge pump-actions keeps what’s right with the iconic 500 line … but it throws some very welcome tweaks. Perhaps the most notable is the ability to cycle 1.75-, 2.75- and 3-inch shotshells interchangeably without the need for an adapter. This makes the Shockwave model firearm—with its very manageable birdshead grip—the perfect home-defense option. At once, the 30-inch gun is nimble and overpowering. Plus, with the ability to hold up to 9+1 shells, it’s also more than satisfying in firepower.
MSRP: $623

Editor's Note: This article originally appeared in the April 2022 issue of Gun Digest the Magazine.

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