First Look: Sig Sauer CROSS Magnum

First Look: Sig Sauer CROSS Magnum

Sig Sauer is expanding the CROSS bolt-action rifle line with the CROSS Magnum, initially available in .300 Win. Mag.

The CROSS bolt-action rifle family from Sig Sauer was previously only available chambered for .308 Winchester, 6.5mm Creedmoor and .277 Fury, but the company is now adding .300 Winchester Magnum to the mix with the announcement of the CROSS Magnum. While the new magnum rifle is initially launching with only the .300 Win. Mag. chambering, more caliber options are expected to be introduced soon.


The Cross Magnum features a 24-inch 5R barrel that’s stainless steel, has a medium contour and is user-changeable. Covering the barrel is a free-floated, full-length ARCA rail with M-LOK slots for attaching accessories. Other notable details include the rifle’s two-stage match trigger, its PRS-style pistol grip and its precision stock which is both foldable and adjustable. The rifle ships with one 6-round AICS-pattern magazine and has an anodized coyote finish.


Tom Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President of Commercial Sales at Sig Sauer said this about the new bolt-action rifle:

The development of the CROSS Magnum pushes the boundaries of innovation for a bolt-action platform and delivers on precision, power, and performance … Starting with the receiver design, the CROSS Magnum allows for easy barrel changes while keeping your scope and pic-rail mounted, adds a new folding hinge for easier, intuitive folding, better stock-retention and a stronger lock-up, includes a full-length ARCA and M-LOK rail for maximum tripod and bipod usability and adjustment in the field, while the integrated radial compensator design reduces the felt recoil of the magnum caliber by forty-five percent. The CROSS Magnum is feature-rich, performance built, and ready for the hunt.

Neither an MSRP nor a release date for the CROSS Magnum have been announced as of this writing.

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