Sig M400 TREAD Predator Puts The AR On The Hunt

Sig M400 TREAD Predator Puts The AR On The Hunt

Enhanced for hunting, the M400 TREAD Predator is just the ticket get coyotes howling.

Of recent entrants to the AR-15 market, the Sig Sauer TREAD line has proven among the most intriguing. No reinvention of the wheel by any means, the allure of the rifles comes in the quality of the build for the money. They’re entry-level guns—not the cheapest, mind you—but by far offer incredible bang for the buck compared against nearly anything in its class. And now Sig is angling them at hunters.

M400 Tread Predator 1

A welcome addition to the line, the M400 TREAD Predator is the first dedicated hunter under the TREAD banner and tailored to this corner of the shooting world’s tastes. Now if the name sounds familiar, it should. Long before TREAD was a glint in the gun-manufacturing giant’s proverbial eye they had what was known as the M400 Predator on its roster. A solid AR-style shooter that ticked off a lot of boxes for hunters, the rifle has since gone the way of the doo-doo. While the new iron shares some of the same design features and the M400 designation of its predecessor, it’s not a retread (pun intended) of the old rifle. Instead, with the Sig M400 Predator, Sig offers up a more rounded package for the field with several enhancements that have become commonplace on hunting guns.

Nowhere is this more apparent than the 5.56 NATO’s upgraded stock. Where once a telescoping Magpul MOE Carbine stock resided, in the plain old M400 days, now lives a fully-adjustable precision unit. Ideal for fitting the rifle directly to the shooter, the polymer stock offers both length of pull and comb height control, making the rifle more intuitive to the user. Additionally, the gunmaker has opted for a new handguard, specifically designed for the rifle. Measuring in at 15-inches, the PREADOR Handguard protects a majority of the rifle’s barrel and offers up ample M-Lok real estate (3-, 6- and 9-o’clock positions) for the addition of accessories. Furthermore, the bottom of the handguard is flattened out, making it more conducive to shooting from a supported position—if you don’t happen to prefer a bipod.

Get On Target With The AR:

Unlike ARs with a more tactical bent, the TREAD Predator features an abbreviated rail—integral to the upper receiver. A logical move, given most hunters will mount their optics systems in a more traditional manner and don’t need to worry about iron backup sights. As to weight, the TREAD Predator is a very manageable 7.5 pounds, which should make it a snap to lug along on long trudges. Sig uses aircraft-grade aluminum for the receivers and stainless steel for the barrel, which boasts a 1:8” twist. And the company finishes off the rifle with a Cerakote Elite Jungle finish, which looks just off olive drab. Finally, the gun is outfitted with a single-stage trigger, its shoe hardened and polished.

Sig did not release an MSPR on the M400 TREAD Predator, though some outlets already had the rifle listed in the $1,100 neighborhood.

M400 TREAD Predator Specs
Caliber: 5.56 NATO
Barrel Length: 16 inches
Mags Included: 1 5 round
Stock: Adjustable Precision Stock
Barrel Material: Stainless Steel
Trigger Type: Single-Stage, Hardened Polished
Twist Rate: 1:8 inches
Forend Material: Alloy
Receiver Finish: Hard Coat Anodized
Overall Length: 35.5 inches
Overall Width: 2.5 inches
Height: 7.5 inches
Accessory Rail: M-Lok
Operating System: Direct Impingment
Weight: 7.5 pounds

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