First Look: X Model In .30-30 And Henry’s Other New Guns

First Look: X Model In .30-30 And Henry’s Other New Guns

Henry X Model .30-30

Henry Repeating Arms' X Model in .30-30 headlines the release of four new guns for 2021.

Henry Repeating Arms turns heads. Why not? Embracing tradition, while providing thoroughly modern firearms, the company has carved an enduring niche in the gun world. And it continues to grow bigger.

The lever-action rifle specialist announced four new guns for 2021, all centered around hunting. Walnut and brass fans might be a bit disappointed, given the three rifles and one shotgun drift from the classic designs that built the company’s renown. That said, shooters who hang aesthetics a few branches down their decision tree certainly won’t have their noses bent out of place. On tap, Henry Lever Action Magnum Express .22 Mag, X Model .30-30, All-Weather Picatinny Rail .45-70 Side Gate and Henry Single Shot Turkey Camo Shotgun.

The model that particularly jumps out is the newest addition to the X Model line, a .30-30 Winchester that nicely rounds out the series of polymer-stocked lever-actions. Unveiled last year, the dark and rugged guns included five models, including the Big Boy (.44 Magnum/.44 Special, .357 Magnum/.38 Special, .45 Long Colt), .45-70 Government and .410 bore shotgun. A middle ground in the line, the .30-30 X Model should appeal to hunters not constrained by straight-wall cartridge regulations for harvesting deer, want more reach than a PCC or just plain don’t enjoy the thump of the Government.

One thing is for certain, the .30-30 certainly isn’t your granddad’s Henry—none of the X Model line are. Designed to appeal to modern shooter’s tastes, the gun boasts several features that are notable breaks from the gunmaker's more traditional stock. Perhaps the most radical, aside from polymer furniture, it’s suppressor-ready. The .30-30 has a threaded muzzle (5/8×24 pattern), with a knurled cap to protect it when a can isn’t mounted.

Additionally, the rifle also has a section of Picatinny rail at the forestock, perfect for a bipod. Furthermore, just above the rail at the 3- and 9-o’clock positions, are single M-Lok slots for the addition of an accessory. Pretty handy assets for some hunters, and certainly elevates the .30-30’s tactical cred. Other notables include sling swivels, side loading gate, drilled and tapped receiver, fully-adjustable rear sight and fiber optic front, and a 5-round tubular magazine. As to price, Henry has tagged a $1,019 MSRP on the X Model .30-30.

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RICE LAKE, WI – January 22, 2021 As part of an ongoing effort to give customers more options when choosing to “Hunt With A Henry,” Henry Repeating Arms is pleased to announce four new models that fit the needs of modern hunters, whether in pursuit of small game or large, feather or fur.

Lever Action Magnum Express .22 Magnum

Henry Repeating Arms 22 Mag

The Lever Action Magnum Express .22 Magnum (H001ME) is a purpose-built small game and varmint hunting rifle with a feature set catered towards use with magnified optics. This rifle is void of any iron sights, so the receiver cover is topped with a Picatinny scope base to accept a wide variety of scope rings. Because a scope sits up higher on the rifle than barrel-mounted iron sights, the buttstock is shaped with a Monte Carlo style for a higher cheek weld and more natural shooting position. A rubber recoil pad is added for additional stability. The Lever Action Magnum Express .22 Magnum has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $622.

Lever Action X Model .30-30

Henry Repeating Arms X Model

By popular demand, the Lever Action X Model .30-30 (H009X) is the newest entry in Henry’s X Model line of modern, feature-packed lever actions first introduced in January 2020. Most notably, this new model features full synthetic furniture with integrated sling swivel studs, Picatinny and M-Lok accessory slots, and an industry-standard 5/8×24 threaded barrel to accept a suppressor or other muzzle device. The rifle is topped with fiber optic sights, and the blued steel receiver is drilled and tapped for optional scope use. The Lever Action X Model .30-30 has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $1,019.

All-Weather Picatinny Rail .45-70 Side Gate

Henry Repeating Arms All Weather

Borrowing elements from Jeff Cooper’s scout rifle concept, the All-Weather Picatinny Rail .45-70 Side Gate (H010GAWP) is topped with an extended section of Picatinny rail for mounting a scope further forward on the barrel to free up more peripheral vision and make for quicker target acquisition. The rail also includes a peep sight that is fully adjustable for windage and elevation. Henry’s All-Weather finish consists of a satin hard chrome plating on most metal surfaces and specially treated hardwood stocks for temperature and moisture resilience. The All-Weather Picatinny Rail .45-70 Side Gate rifle has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $1,221.

Single Shot Turkey Camo Shotgun

Henry Repeating Arms Single Shot Turkey

For the dedicated turkey hunter, Henry is now offering the 12-gauge Single Shot Turkey Camo Shotgun (H015T-12) fully decked out in Mossy Oak Obsession camouflage. In addition to the full-coverage camouflage, this shotgun comes with a removable turkey choke to extend the effective range, fiber optic sights, and a drilled and tapped barrel for optional optics mounting. To help mitigate some of the recoil associated with firing 3 ½” 12-gauge shells from a lightweight single shot platform, the pistol gripped buttstock is capped with a soft rubber recoil pad. The Single Shot Turkey Camo 12 Gauge Shotgun has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $687.

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