First Look: Nosler Model 21 Rifle

First Look: Nosler Model 21 Rifle

Available in twelve different chamberings, the new Nosler Model 21 rifle uses custom-tier parts to be lightweight, accurate and reliable right out of the box.

Nosler is a company primarily known for their premium ammunition, but their rifles have been equally well-regarded since they first started making the Model 48. Now, nearly twenty years later, the company has decided to introduce a new rifle—the Nosler Model 21. It’s available in twelve popular chamberings and is made with top-quality materials using cutting-edge technology, resulting in a production rifle that feels custom-built. Right out of the box the Nosler Model 21 should be incredibly accurate, very lightweight and reliable in any environment.

Nosler Model 21


As manufacturers of very accurate ammunition, it only makes sense for Nosler’s rifles to be very accurate as well. The Nosler Model 21 achieves this primarily through its action, its barrel and its trigger. Its action is a modified EVO action, designed in collaboration with the EVO’s original designers. Like the EVO, the Model 21 action is built using advanced wire EDM technology to precision tolerances, working alongside the self-indexing recoil lug to increase the gun’s overall accuracy. The barrel also comes threaded and with a recessed precision crown.

Practical accuracy on the Nosler Model 21 is also improved by the TriggerTech Field trigger which can be adjusted between 2.5 and 5.5 pounds.

Scoped Nosler Model 21

Light And Rugged

The stock on the Nosler Model 21 is made from high-grade carbon fiber, a material famous for being both durable and light. This stock, combined with other weight-saving measures, enables the new rifle to be only about seven pounds depending on its cartridge. The carbon fiber stock should also be very durable and resistant to the elements. The Model 21’s fluted bolt also helps to increase the rifle’s reliability in any environment, making it a very versatile platform suitable for the most difficult of hunts.


The Nosler Model 21 appears to be an excellent new premium hunting rifle option for anyone seeking accuracy, durability and a very low weight. It has an MSRP of $2,495 and is available now.

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