Smith & Wesson Releases Optics-Ready M&P9 Shield Plus

Smith & Wesson Releases Optics-Ready M&P9 Shield Plus

Smith & Wesson’s already-established M&P9 Shield Plus is now available in an optics-ready configuration with a J-Point pattern footprint and factory tritium night sights.

Smith & Wesson’s M&P9 Shield Plus has already amassed a sizeable number of users since it first launched earlier this year. It followed the recent CCW trend of micro-compact 9mm striker-fired pistols with as large of a magazine capacity as possible. Now having established itself as one of only a handful of viable pistols in its class, the M&P9 Shield Plus is conforming to the next-hottest CCW pistol trend—red dot optics. Many of this gun’s competitors came optics-ready upon release, but now fans of the Shield platform can comfortably carry with an optic as well.

Shield Plus OR

The M&P9 Shield Plus OR’s slide is cut to accept Shield RMSc/J-Point footprint optics, a pattern that includes many popular small pistol red dots intended for concealed carry. Smith pictures theirs with a Crimson Trace sight that’s available from the factory on certain Performance Center models. The upgraded Shield now also comes with orange tritium night sights as a standard feature.

Shield Plus OR Plate

Like the original Shield Plus, the new optics-ready version comes with both a flush-fitting 10-round mag as well as an extended 13-rounder. It also features the same ergonomic upgrades, flat-faced trigger and optional manual thumb safety.

Shield Plus OR angle

The optics-ready M&P9 Shield Plus has an MSRP of $595 and is available now.

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