First Look: POF-USA Tombstone Lever-Action 9mm

First Look: POF-USA Tombstone Lever-Action 9mm

POF-USA has just unveiled the Tombstone, a lever-action 9mm rifle that feeds from box magazines.

It doesn’t seem that long ago that you first started to see people putting rails on lever-action rifles. While sacrilege to most lever-gun appreciators, the “space cowboy” trend appears to be picking up steam. The latest example, and the most radical departure from the traditional design that we’ve seen yet, is the POF-USA Tombstone. It’s a lever-action 9mm rifle that feeds from box magazines, and yes, it has plenty of rails too.

POF-USA Tombstone feature

Until now, Patriot Ordnance Factory has exclusively been a purveyor of AR-based firearms, so it’s quite a surprise to see the company branching out into lever-guns. What makes it less surprising is that the POF-USA Tombstone is far more tactical than traditional.


The new lever-action rifle is chambered for 9mm and feeds from box magazines (proprietary design), comes with XS Ghost Ring Sights and has a total weight of only 5.75 pounds (unloaded). The 16.5-inch barrel is free-floated, threaded 1/2×28 and comes with a dual-port muzzle brake. As for customizability, the receiver features a Picatinny rail for mounting optics and the monolithic 10.5-inch handguard features MLOK slots on the sides and Picatinny rails on the top and bottom for mounting accessories. The POF-USA Tombstone ships with a Magpul SGA 870 nylon stock, but it can be replaced with any compatible model.


Jeremy Selting, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at POF-USA, said this about the new rifle:

The Tombstone has been in the works for quite a while now and its truly representative of what POF-USA is all about, revolutionizing the original lever-action design with enhancements…The feedback from writers who have reviewed the Tombstone has been extremely positive with the common theme being that the rifle is extremely enjoyable and fun to shoot.

The POF-USA Tombstone is available now and has an MSRP of $1,962 for the black version and $2,097 for one with an FDE finish. The standard variants ship with a 20-round magazine but a 10-round option exists for ban states as well. Magazines in both capacities, as well as a 35-rounder, are also all currently available on the company’s website for $35 each.

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  1. I’m dumb found. Could buy 2 sub par ARs for a lever action. And BTW. Lever action is so old that Google can’t predict the text.

  2. $2k for a 9mm lever action with proprietary mags is ridiculous. This is something we’ll laugh about in a few years. How’s that pumpshotgun from Smith and Wesson doing?

  3. Interesting concept, but the nosebleed MSRP will kill it. This thing costs more than a new Winchester, any model, even the ’95. When a new Ruger PC Carbine (among quite a few others) is under $1,000, why would anyone buy this?


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