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The Ortiz Custom AR-15

In assembling his custom AR-15 rifle, self-taught gunsmith Pedro Ortiz adds the special touch that only a true master can bring to the table.

Trends in AR-15 Gun Values

Following last year's gun control hysteria and panic-buying of AR-15s, gun prices are finally back to normal. Editor Jerry Lee tells why referring to a copy of the newly updated Standard Catalog of Firearms 2014 is the surest way to avoid getting gouged.

Need Backup! Secondary Iron Sights for AR-15s

Ever since tactical and practical shooters began putting glass on rifles to serve as the primary sighting system, they began to search for better ways to back up the optics with iron sights.

Leatherwood CMR Review: Best AR-15 Optic 2013

The Leatherwood CMR (Close Medium Range) scope is tough, versatile and best of all, affordable. Giving it my Best AR-15 Optic for 2013 endorsement was an easy decision.

AR-15 Upgrades: 5 Can’t Miss Accessories

The two best things about owning an AR-style rifle: Shooting it and customizing it. Here are 5 accessory ideas to upgrade yours.

Proper Techniques for AR-15 Trigger Control

AR-15 trigger control is an often overlooked aspect of accurate shooting. Noted competition shooter John Paul Gangl takes you through the proper technique to keep your shots on target.

Squeeze Out Accuracy with These 12 AR-15 Triggers

The right trigger can make all the difference in building an accurate AR-15. Here are 12 of the best AR-15 triggers that are certain to help you squeeze the most out of your gun.

6 Accessories to Deck Out Your AR-15

Part of the enjoyment of owning an AR-15 is decking out this versatile rifle with all sorts of goodies, here are six AR accessories that are right on target.

The 30-Second AR-15 Checklist

Keep your AR from malfunctioning by using this AR-15 checklist. Check these 4 key things in 30 seconds or less and stay in the game.

AR-15 Review: SIG 516 Patrol Rifle

The SIG 516 Patrol is not just another AR. It has some really cool improvements over the typical AR-style rifle. One of the most notable improvements is it’s gas piston operated. But that's not all.

Editor’s Pick: Digital AR-15 Collection

Covering everything from maintenance to functionality, the latest models and all the things you could latch on to their Picatinny rails, plus tips on parts and DIY-ing the ubiquitous AR-15, this is the resource to have.

AR-15 Review: Rock River Arms Pro Series Government

The civilian version of the AR-15 used by the DEA and FBI is one sweet rifle, with all the needed accessories to boot. Here's a look at the Rock River Arms Pro Series Government.

AR-15 Review: Rock River Arms LAR-15

The Rock River Arms LAR-15 is one AR that is made to seriously hunt.

Find Out Who Won the AR-15 Book Giveaway

Thanks to everyone who entered for a chance to win the "Gun Digest Book of the AR-15 Volume 4." The comments were a lot of fun to read, and some of your torture tests were even more extreme than the ones in this book!

AR-15 Review: Windham Weaponry Special Build 02

Windham Weaponry AR-15 rifles are just what you'd expect out of this long-time manufacturer from Maine: Top quality and great shooters. Here's a look at the Windham Weaponry Special Build 02.
AR-15 Torture Test Dirt

Giveaway: AR-15 Guide With Torture-Test Gun Reviews

When Patrick Sweeney said he was going to put a batch of ARs through some intense torture testing to do gun reviews, we had no idea he'd go this far. Here's your chance to win a copy of the book that shows the results - "Gun Digest Book of the AR-15 Volume 4."


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