New Ammo: Fusion MSR Ready to take .300 BLK Afield

New Ammo: Fusion MSR Ready to take .300 BLK Afield

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The 150-grain Fusion MSR is Federal Premium's first hunting-specific round for the .300 Blackout and has everything required to put meat on the table and trophies on the wall.

Once dominated by bolt-action rifles, the deer woods are now filled with a much different style of firearm. More and more hunters have embraced the virtues of AR-style rifles, from their quick follow-up shots to their downright wicked accuracy.

It makes sense then that ammunition makers have responded offering more loads for common AR calibers, each engineered to put meat on the table and trophies on the wall come hunting season. Federal Premium is among the most recent, unveiling a round tailor made for the field in a popular and versatile AR chambering.

The company’s 150-grain Fusion MSR is the first hunting-specific offering for the .300 BLK. And as an added bonus, it has been released in conjunction with an American Eagle target round that is nearly its ballistic twin. This is a nice addition that should make for a bit more affordable tuning up time at the range.

The new Fusion round should offer hunters everything they need to take down deer, hogs and the odd antelope with their .300 BLK. It is loaded to produce more than capable hunting velocities, with its muzzle velocity listed at 1,900 fps at the muzzle. More importantly, it is topped off with a projectile that should ensure an ethical kill on each trigger squeeze.

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The soft-point bonded-core bullet is designed to retain a maximum of mass upon reaching its target, in turn producing a deeper and more devastating wound channel. On top of that, skiving on the copper jacket ensures full expansion, even as the boat tail's velocity wanes. This aspect is particularly attractive for the Blackout, given it loses its oomph relatively quickly compared to other .30 calibers due to its demure case capacity

Equally as important as ballistics, at least when it comes to AR-style rifles, is feeding. And Federal has turned a close eye to how its new Blackout round chambers, sizing it to cut down on the likelihood of a misfeed. This should provide peace of mind, given there’s perhaps nothing short of a broken optic that blows a golden opportunity more quickly.

Presently, Federal Premium is offering 20-count boxes of its Fusion MSR in .300 BLK. And, while running more than the average target round, with an MSRP of $25.95, it is a fairly budget-friendly hunting round.


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