Tavor SAR Bullpup.
Tavor SAR Bullpup.

Virginia SolgotAble Ammo, Conroe and Huntsville, Texas.

The hot new gun here is the Tavor SAR Bullpup, a semi-automatic rifle in .223 Rem/5.56 NATO made by Israeli Weapon Industries, a civilian version of the rifle used by Israeli Defense Forces.

The stubby little carbine is moving fast despite the rather hefty $1,999 price tag. It’s sought after for home defense and used by local hog hunters who patrol the thick brush, says Virginia Solgot, Able Ammo’s marketing director.

Long an Internet-only retailer, Able’s recently opened up two brick-and-mortar establishments. Both stores are moving good quantities of Bornaghi Star, Able’s Exclusive Premium Italian made shotshells. Local dove hunters like the 12-gauge target loads, especially the #8 and #7.5 shot varieties in 2 ¾-inch shells. Boxes of 25 cost $8 to $8.40, with bulk savings on cases of ten.

The Sig P227 Pistol in .45 ACP is in strong demand, too. With a Nitron Finish and standard night sights, it sells for $949, approximately $140 below MSRP.

Editor’s Note: This brief originally appeared in the December 2, 2013 edition of Gun Digest the Magazine.

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