Video: Mother Thwarts Home Invasion with Semi-Automatic Rifle

Video: Mother Thwarts Home Invasion with Semi-Automatic Rifle

Don't mess with mom… especially when she's armed with what appears to be a Hi-Point Carbine. Detroit's WXYZ reported this dramatic story earlier this week, where a home invasion was thwarted by a homeowner, who also happened to be a gunowner. Security cameras on the home caught the action as it unfolded. The homeowner and mother repels the initial assault with her semi-automatic rifle. She then foils a second attempt by the attackers to enter her home with another volley.

Also in the video is comment by Detroit Chief of Police James Craig. Craig made headlines earlier this year when he declared more armed citizens would drive down the crime rate of one of the nation's most dangerous cities. Those words seem prophetic, considering this news story. In the clip the Chief points out the homeowner did all the right things given the circumstances.

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